Daniel Zhao

As Yale College administrators move to facilitate a wider variety of social events on campus, the School of Architecture imposed regulations on 6on7 — a weekly student-run party on the seventh floor of the School of Architecture.

The party, which takes place at 6 p.m. every Friday, is funded and organized by first-year Masters of Architecture students for the entire professional school’s community. 6on7 is the only student-run, student-funded social event held on campus by any of the professional schools.

In recent years, administrators have restricted the type of alcohol served — only beer and wine — and the time they can be served to party-goers. While some told the News that the regulations are consistent with pedagogical and behavioral goals of the school, other said these restrictions infringe on their community’s social spaces.

“[6on7] is designed to be an inclusive, fun way to kick back at the end of the week and hang out with students from across the school,” said Seth Thompson ARC ’20, who was the first-year social chair in the 2017–18 school year. “In the year or two before I arrived at school, my impression is that 6on7 had taken on a distinctly fratty atmosphere that was enjoyable for many but a turnoff for some.”

Thompson called the administrative changes “entirely positive” and added that supplying bartenders — who are affectionately called the “mom” and “pop” of 6on7 — and limiting alcohol to beer and wine made the party “safer and more inclusive.”

“The dean’s concerns about providing a space free from binge drinking and sexual harassment are valid and, in my opinion, necessary precautions,” he said.

In an email to the News, Associate Dean of the School of Architecture Phil Bernstein ’79 ARC ’83 said that administrators have no specific goal for 6on7 other than facilitating an informal social space for students. He said that because the event takes place on school property, the administration is “responsible for appropriate behavior, use of alcohol and so on.” The newly imposed “minimal restrictions” are intended to look after students’ wellbeing and the school’s facilities, he said, which are at risk when “excess” alcohol is consumed.

“It is well-known, for example, that many Title IX incidents begin with abuse of alcohol, and we monitor and [regulate] the types and amounts of alcohol at events accordingly,” Bernstein said. “We believe our policy is clear, fair and reasonable, and does not inhibit community interaction.”

Traditionally, first years choose a theme for the event — ranging from the popular television show “The Office” to Paprika, the Architecture school’s student publication — and advertise 6on7 with posters. According to social chair Hannah Mayer Baydoun ARC ’22, the party’s loudspeakers and decorative lights that are passed on from year to year create a sense of continuity.

Baydoun added that despite the regulations on 6on7, architecture students are served hard alcohol at other events that are not organized by students.

Baydoun said that the School of Architecture has a variety of programming intended to cultivate community spaces including all-school meetings, lectures, post-lecture dinners, symposia and brown bag lunches.

6on7 is hosted at the School of Architecture’s Rudolph Hall at 180 York St.

John Besche | john.besche@yale.edu