To the editors,

Carly Wanna’s article “FAS Senate looks to generate faculty awareness of admissions practices,” published Sept. 4, omitted several important facts. As a result, it provided an incomplete picture of faculty engagement with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and mischaracterized their contributions to our work.

The article summarized the faculty’s current involvement in admissions work this way: “[S]everal faculty members serve as voting members of the admissions committee. Quinlan also meets with the standing Faculty Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid – which puts forward policy recommendations regarding student selection, application processes and undergraduate outreach — six times a year.”

This incomplete summary does not represent the breadth of information about faculty engagement I shared with the News. I feel compelled to correct the record with a more complete account of our many significant faculty partnerships.

Nearly three dozen faculty members serve for one or more days as full voting members of an admissions committee over nearly six weeks each year. We train 12–15 new faculty committee members annually.

I consult with the Faculty Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid on every major admissions policy question. CAFA includes 16 senior faculty members and administrators. CAFA has worked closely with me on changing Yale’s standardized testing policies, transfer admissions requirements and application questions. CAFA has also taken a very close look at the educational benefits of diversity and our efforts to increase socioeconomic diversity in Yale College.

I speak at the first faculty meeting of the year each fall and meet regularly with faculty members at department meetings, other University committee meetings and through individual appointments. I have discussed admissions policies and trends with hundreds of Yale faculty members since I became dean in 2013.

The article also omitted an important statement from Margit Dahl ’75, Yale’s director of admissions. After decades of connecting with colleagues at Yale’s peer institutions, Dahl reported that Yale incorporates more faculty members in more substantial ways in the admissions process than any of them. We can say with confidence that Yale’s level of faculty engagement is already extraordinary among its peers, and we are proud of this fact.

I provided all this information to the News because I wanted the Yale community to be aware of the many opportunities available to faculty members for engagement in admissions work and of how much I value their contributions. My entire staff and I are tremendously grateful for the insights, enthusiasm, expertise and diversity of experience faculty members provide through multiple avenues.

I welcome any opportunity to collaborate with faculty individually or in a group to share our work and hear their ideas. I will look forward to connecting with the new FAS Senate Committee on admissions to share insights about our work and hear their ideas. First, however, I believe it is imperative that the Yale community understand the full extent of our current policies and practices for faculty involvement. And I expect the News to report the full story when the full slate of facts is available to them.

Jeremiah Quinlan is the dean of undergraduate admissions at Yale University. Contact him at .