After more than 24 years with the New Haven Police Department, NHPD spokesman David Hartman retired Friday, delivering his final farewell email to members of the press Friday morning.

“Here I am. Sitting at my desk under bright fluorescent lights. I’ve always hated the cold, sharp greyness of fluorescent light, but as my five small table lamps are sitting in boxes in the hall, I’ve no choice but to endure this offense to my eyes for the remainder of the day,” Hartman wrote to begin his farewell email — which he appropriately titled with the subject line “SAYONARA”.

NHPD Captain Anthony Duff, who served as the head of NHPD’s Internal Affairs division, will take over Hartman’s position.

Since 2011, Hartman has served as the liaison between the Police Department and the media, sending out press releases, appearing at press briefings and answering press questions.

Those who worked with Hartman were familiar with his frank, sometimes jocular disposition. In addition to writing press briefings, Hartman also acted as a poet — penning poems on topics such as the dangers of Christmastime larceny and online dating.

“Twas two weeks until Christmas in the City of Elm/And the larceny stats would not overwhelm,” one of his poems began.

In his farewell email, Hartman wrote that entering the NHPD entered him into “a world of proverbial fluorescent light,” where the only warmth a police officer sees is from family, as well as brother and sister officers.

“The rest, the work, is cold, sharp and grey,” Hartman wrote. “For rarely, if ever, do folks call the police when things are warm,” he added.  

In his farewell, Hartman also wrote the press his final piece of advice “Switch to scotch, take up smoking and chase your stories the old fashioned way.” He signed his last email with “Officer David B. Hartman, Media Liaison & Public Information Officer – Ret.”

The New Haven Police Department is located on 1 Union Avenue.

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