This past weekend, the Yale community gave around 2000 families a taste of campus life through family weekend celebrations spanning performances, debates, campus tours, speaking events and sports games hosted by student groups and the University alike.

The University offered several larger events to families, such as lectures from noteworthy professors, panel discussions featuring University President Salovey and Dean of Yale College Marvin Chun and a barbeque at the Yale Bowl. Each residential college also held open hour events for students’ families. Students interviewed said that they were excited to share campus with their families for the weekend.

“It’s very comforting to see my parents here,” Clair Ong ’19 said. “They’ve never come here before other than when they dropped me off for college. Having them here is a great reminder of the world outside of Yale and how they’re there to support me, especially with all the craziness of midterms!”

Another student, Kyra Gee ’22 told the News that her mother brought her home-cooked food to remind her of “the taste of home.” Her mother, Kimerer LaMothe, chimed in during the interview to say that their family would soon head to the dining hall together for dinner to get their taste of Yale.

Residential colleges offered a more intimate view of the Yale experience through specialized events. Head of Pauli Murray Tina Lu said her college hosted tours to provide “little glimpses” of the everyday life of the college’s students. The reception at Pauli Murray college also included student rendition of songs from the musical “Come, Summer.”

“It’s so lovely to see all the families here,” Lu said.

Associate Vice President of Student Life Burgwell Howard said that the events of this year’s family weekend “felt more full than previous years.”

For instance, assistant chemistry professor Timothy Newhouse’s talk on organic chemistry filled a lecture hall in Linsly-Chittenden Hall with roughly 170 attendees. And over 1000 family members attended the BBQ at the Yale Bowl.

Preparation for the weekend’s festivities began as early as last spring, Howard added, saying that his office reached out to various departments, museums and school organizations to host events.

In recent years, student groups have been able to post their own events on the official webpage for family weekend. Howard said that the student groups play a “large role in the success of family weekend.”

Over 25 student performances were held this weekend, culminating in the Yale family weekend Gala Concert, a free musical concert at Woolsey Hall which featured the Yale Glee Club, Yale Bands and Yale Symphony Orchestra.

“I think this is a great opportunity for me and my dad to see some really great a cappellas, musicals, and all sorts of performances … the more social and creative side to Yale”, Ong said.

In 2009, family weekend was known as parents’ weekend.

Ayumi Sudo |