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The city of New Haven will be receiving $13.5 million from the State Bond Commission, Connecticut state legislators announced last Thursday.

A delegation of state representatives and senators worked to secure these funds from the commission, which allocates bond funds to finance projects within different communities in the state. The funds will be channeled directly into public works and community projects in order to help New Haven organizations with desperately needed upgrades and repairs.

“New Haven’s delegation is continuing to deliver significant funding for critical

infrastructure improvements and community-oriented projects,” Senate President Pro

Tempore Martin Looney, D-New Haven, said in a press release.

Mayoral Spokesman Laurence Grotheer said that receiving funds is a two-step process. First, requests for assistance are submitted by organizations and authorized, and then funding is allocated by the state Office of Policy and Management.

Members of the State Bond Commission, including Gov. Dannel Malloy and state lawmakers, voted on the recent allocations on Sept. 20. Funds will be channeled to city organizations like New Haven Public Works. An organization tasked with improving overall cleanliness and quality of life in the Elm City, New Haven Public Works received $10 million to rebuild its main facility. Other projects supported by the allocation include Common Ground School, DeGale Field and Fairmont Park, while the remainder of the funding will be channeled into infrastructure improvements.

Legislators emphasized the importance of the allocation in the New Haven community, citing that parks and recreation programs play a crucial role within the city and that the allocation will help fund those initiatives. State Rep. Alphonse Paolillo, D-New Haven, said in a press release that the construction will serve the community in the future. He also noted that public safety will be improved after the repair of several city sidewalks, the renovation of which is valued at $2.3 million.

“I want to thank my New Haven legislative colleagues for their help in securing these funds

for our city,” Rep. Robyn Porter, D-New Haven said in the press release. “All of these projects will help to improve the quality of life in New Haven for children and families. Thanks also to the governor and Bond Commission members for acting on our bond applications.”

According to Looney, the funding approved for public works and infrastructure projects will save taxpayers more than $12 million.

Additionally, environmental-studies-focused Common Ground High School will receive a $500,000 grant, which will pay the debts incurred from a 2017 renovation of their main school building.

Common Ground Executive Director Melissa Spears FES ’94, stated that the money available through this grant is “incredibly important,” noting that financial assistance to support building overhauls help as the school must also raise funds for its academic programs.

Likewise, Fairhaven Heights’ Fairmont Park will receive $575,000 to improve little league baseball fields, while an additional $217,597 will be channeled into constructing a splash pad and playground at DeGale Field, near downtown.

“I have been working hard to enhance and maintain locations that focus on safe family

activities and DeGale Field was one,” said Rep. Toni Walker, D-New Haven, in the press release.“This grant will help refurbish a very popular community park.”

The Office of Policy and Management was formed in 1977.

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