Yale College Council elections are happening now, and I hope that you plan to vote if you haven’t already.

Even before I began my term as dean, YCC had long worked toward enacting two major initiatives that went into effect this year: the domestic summer award and the extension of the Credit/D/Fail deadline. Major initiatives like these require substantial engagement with the community, and neither of these would have been possible without the Yale College Council, serving as your elected representatives.

I meet with YCC leadership at least monthly to discuss ways to improve life at Yale both inside and outside of the classroom. I rely on YCC’s excellent policy reports, which are supported with research and data, both empirical and anecdotal, and which rely heavily on input from you. YCC recommendations provide focus, which in turn allows the University to propose focused solutions.

I have questions of my own for the year ahead: How can the YCC and I enhance the residential colleges? The shopping period? The meal plan? How can we expand opportunities for campus work and research? How can we promote balance, wellness and safety? What kind of support — or independence — can we give student organizations?

Now it’s your turn. In order to tell me what’s on your mind, get involved in the elections in progress, choose your representatives and engage with them. This year’s leaders — Matt Guido, Nick Girard, Devyn Rigsby and many others — have been exceptional colleagues. I am eager to work with the next ones you elect into office. If you are a student in Yale College and haven’t voted yet in the YCC elections, please vote now.

Marvin Chun is the dean of Yale College. Contact him at marvin.chun@yale.edu.