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This story has been updated to reflect the print version that published on March 29.

Yale College admitted 2,229 students from a record pool of 35,306 applicants to the class of 2022, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions said on Wednesday. The applicants were informed of their admissions decisions that evening.

The number of admitted students represents 6.31 percent of all applicants —  for both early action and regular decision — and is slightly lower than the 2,272 students Yale admitted to the class of 2021. Yale also offered a spot on the waiting list to 1,102 students this year, according to Dean of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid Jeremiah Quinlan. As in the past, Quinlan said, the Admissions Office does not know whether it will offer admission to any students on the waiting list, which is unranked.

“All of our admissions officers continue to be impressed with and humbled by the number of highly qualified applicants in our pool,” Quinlan said. “We’re thrilled that the expansion of Yale College has allowed us to offer admission to such a large number of students from such a variety of backgrounds.”

The class of 2022 represents the second group of students admitted to Yale since the University opened two new residential colleges, Pauli Murray and Benjamin Franklin. The new colleges will increase the size of Yale College by roughly 800 students once the class of 2024 is admitted two years from now. Previously, Yale admitted around 2,000 students a year for an expected first-year class of about 1,350 students. This year, like last, the Admissions Office expects roughly 1,550 students to matriculate, Quinlan said.

Students admitted to the class of 2022 come from all 50 states, Washington, Puerto Rico and 64 countries and will graduate from nearly 1,500 secondary schools around the world, according to the Admissions Office. In keeping with recent trends, the proportion of applicants and admitted students who identify as members of underrepresented groups has also increased, according to the Admissions Office.

“Last year Yale was able to offer need-based financial aid awards to more incoming first years than ever before with the expansion of Yale College,” said Scott Wallace-Juedes, director of undergraduate financial aid. “My colleagues and I look forward to working with the admitted students to the class of 2022 to ensure that cost of attendance is not a barrier for any admitted student when considering Yale.”

In order to showcase Yale to admitted students, the Admissions Office will host the Bulldog Saturday program, introduced last year, on April 7, as well as Bulldog Days from April 23 to 25. Last year, nearly admitted 400 students and 600 family members came to Yale for the inaugural Bulldog Saturday and about 1,100 admitted students and 900 family members visited campus during Bulldog Days — overall, roughly 65 percent of admitted students attended the events, compared to 50 to 55 percent in the previous years.

In a statement to the News earlier this year, Quinlan said the Admissions Office thought the higher number of admitted students visiting campus contributed to the successful yield rate for the class of 2021. The rate was 71.4 percent, one of the highest in recent years.

“Our office relies heavily on the support of our students, faculty and staff for both Bulldog Days and Bulldog Saturday, and we deeply appreciate everything the Yale community does to welcome our admitted students to campus,” Director of Recruitment Hannah Mendlowitz ’12 told the News earlier this year, referring to the events for admitted students. “Year after year, the feedback that we get from both students and parents who visit our campus is that they are overwhelmed by the warmth and hospitality of all those who host prefrosh overnight in their suites, take part in panels and master classes and more. The fact that the whole campus really rallies around these events is what makes them such an effective tool for us to introduce each new admitted class to Yale.”

Last year, over 100 departments and 300 student groups were represented at the Bulldog Days’ academic fair and extracurricular bazaar, respectively.

Anastasiia Posnova | anastasiia.posnova@yale.edu