John Durham has been sworn in as Connecticut’s United States attorney, after receiving the nomination from President Donald Trump in November.

Durham was sworn in on Feb. 22 in New Haven by Janet Hall, the chief judge of the federal district court in Connecticut. The U.S. Senate confirmed Durham’s nomination on Feb. 16. Before the appointment, he had served as the interim U.S. attorney for the District of Connecticut, by an order of United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

In a press release from the United State’s Attorney’s Office, Durham emphasized his gratitude and the importance of collaboration.

“I am very honored to serve as Connecticut’s U.S. Attorney and deeply appreciative of all who have supported my nomination,” he said. “I look forward to continuing to work with the dedicated and skilled people in our office and the brave men and women of our partner law enforcement agencies in the cause of justice for the people of our state and nation.”

Durham will oversee an office with 68 attorneys, responsible for the prosecution of federal criminal charges in Connecticut and for representing the federal government in civil suits within Connecticut.

Lawyers in and around the state spoke highly of Durham, who has worked as a prosecutor since the 1970s. Durham began his career in the Connecticut Chief State’s Attorney Office in 1977, moving to the New Haven office the following year.

Kevin Kane, the current chief state’s attorney for Connecticut, emphasized the importance of Durham’s long career in prosecution for his new role.

“He’s an excellent prosecutor, excellent trial attorney and he has very good judgement, balance and sense of fairness,” he said. “I think he’s had a great deal of experience prosecuting, and that’s taught him a very good sense of balance.

Kane added that Durham has collaborated with federal, state and local law enforcement in the past. He pointed to Durham’s approach as “critical” for Connecticut, particularly in an era of diminished resources for the state.

After leaving the New Haven State’s Attorney Office in 1982, where he served as an assistant state’s attorney, he worked in various posts in the federal justice department in Connecticut and Massachusetts, leading prosecutions against members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation who were accused of criminal conduct during his time in Boston. Durham also worked as acting U.S. attorney in the Eastern District of Virginia, where he investigated the Central Intelligence Agency’s treatment of prisoners and possible obstruction of justice.

Jonathan Einhorn, a lawyer in New Haven, knows Durham from his days in the New Haven state’s attorney office. Einhorn said Durham’s experience speaks for itself.

“If you look into [Durham’s] history, he is incredibly well-respected in the law enforcement community, having been sent to both Boston and Washington in serious matters where a professional, independent and unbiased prosecutor was needed,” he said.

Durham graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Law in 1975.

Keshav Raghavan |