Re “A Nod to Fifty Years of Women at Yale,” by Isabel Guarco: Hats off to Isabel, who reached out to Yale women from every decade to put together such an in-depth and amazing piece! It was fun to reminisce about that period of adjustment when coeducation was new. The challenge of male-female relations is as relevant today as it was then, and yet we want to emphasize how much we treasure the many male friends we made at Yale. They were — and are — decent, friendly and brilliant. Our professors were for the most part supportive and, like Laurie’s philosophy professor, sensitive to the pressures upon us.

Also, during our first year, the Russian Chorus generously established the Slavic Chorus for us women, providing us with a repertoire and director: the late, great Celo “Bill” Robbins, to get us started. Women have been leading the Slavs ever since. A wonderful experience then and a lasting legacy.

Barbara “BEEZIE” Zera Abramson ’73 and Laurie Treuhaft ’73