Or, in less bureaucratic
language: washing oneself

in the bathroom sinks
at the public library

was an issue introduced and tabled
by the board one day and quickly erased

from the minutes of that meeting.

the placard.
But yes, of course, you can

reserve the hall, peruse the collections
with your shoes off, wait outside

for the slate
Noguchi mobiles to arrive, if he makes them.

Let’s see. In the same bulletin:
Recently the renovations ended

at the Trevi Fountain.
People have been wading

around in the marble basin
like Mastroianni and Ekberg.

Library cards

require proof of address.
Respite is a funny word

that’s often mispronounced.
On Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays

in the fall the central branch
closes early

to become a rooftop beer garden —
DJ, PAs, microbrews,

along with visions of
downtown to the southeast

and patrons
exiting, heading north.