New Haven Police Chief Anthony Campbell ’95 DIV ’09 announced a $50,000 reward for anyone who comes forward with information that helps solve the murder of New Haven teenager Tyrick Keyes, whose death shook the Elm City this summer.

Campbell, Assistant Chief Achilles Generoso and Detective Paul D’Andrea — the lead investigator on the case — joined Keyes’ mother, Demethra Telford, at a press conference at police headquarters on Monday. Telford reflected on the circumstances of her son’s death and pleaded that anyone who has information about the homicide come forward to the New Haven Police Department.

“Any child losing their life is devastating,” Campbell said. “The [NHPD] wants to show, with this reward, that we stand with [Telford] and we stand by the New Haven community.”

On July 16, Keyes was shot multiple times by an unknown assailant on Bassett St. He died four days later at Yale New Haven Hospital.

Hoping the reward will help the department solve the homicide, Campbell said that any information relating to the case, no matter how big or small, will qualify for the $50,000 reward.

“We need the strongest case possible,” Campbell said.

Telford spoke at length about her son and the positive impact he would have had on the community, as well as the “legacy for me to smile upon” that he leaves behind.

She said she hopes anyone with information will share it with the NHPD to ease the weight the unsolved murder has placed on her.

“I need your help,” Telford said. “Even if you know your child did it, bring your child in because at the end of the day you can still touch your child … I can’t do that at all.”

D’Andrea emphasized that the NHPD has many leads in the case, but that the homicide is still unsolved. He added that the reward is not intended to bring information from one specific party, but rather to encourage any eyewitnesses or people with knowledge about the crime who have yet to speak with the NHPD to come forward.

Police officials also discussed some of the case’s details at the press conference. Campbell noted that a vehicle may have aided the killer’s escape from the crime scene and added that he believes Keyes was targeted in the crime, given that he was shot multiple times.

Yet D’Andrea said the department is still trying to determine whether Keyes was the intended target or just mistaken for another person. The NHPD is still investigating this aspect of the homicide, as well as the assailant’s motives.

Campbell spoke to the injustice of the shooting, noting that Keyes was a young man who had never been involved in crime.

“Tyrick was not a member of a gang, he was not dealing drugs … he was a dancer and a child who was trying to attend high school” Campbell said.

Keyes planned to attend James Hillhouse High School this August.

Christina Carrafiell |