Kevin Swain

Eight members of the graduate student union Local 33 began an indefinite, collective fast in front of University President Peter Salovey’s home on Tuesday in an effort to persuade Yale to begin collective bargaining.

Local 33 Chair Aaron Greenberg GRD ’18, Co-chair Robin Canavan GRD ’19, Camille Cole GRD ’20, Charles Decker GRD ’18, Lukas Moe GRD ’19, Julia Powers GRD ’19, Emily Sessions GRD ’19 and Jifeng Shen GRD ’18 sat onstage at a rally on Hillhouse Avenue to commence the union’s “Fast Against Slow.”

“What Yale could not stop, they are cynically trying to slow,” Greenberg read from a pamphlet distributed at the rally. “Yale wants to make us wait and wait and wait … until we give up and go away. We have committed ourselves to waiting without eating.”

Earlier this month, Local 33 — a subgroup of the international labor union UNITE HERE — demanded that Yale begin labor negotiations on April 25. On April 21, 41 ballots in the Political Science and East Asian Languages and Literatures departments that were “under challenge” with the National Labor Relations Board were thrown out. The decision brought the number of departments unionized via Local 33 in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences from six to eight.

At Tuesday’s protest, UNITE HERE Vice President and Democratic National Committee Vice Chair Maria Elena Durazo told Local 33 members and supporters that she stands in solidarity with them.

“I came to thank you and congratulate you for not waiting,” Durazo said. “Yale wants you to wait. Those in power always want the rest of us to wait. … Refusing to wait is how the rest of us get power.”

In a statement to the News, University spokesman Tom Conroy described Local 33’s bargaining request as premature and said the hunger strike was “unwarranted by the circumstances.”

“The University cannot compel anyone to refrain from this activity, but strongly urges that students not put their health at risk or encourage others to do so,” Conroy said.

Local 33 and Yale are currently engaged in multiple legal disputes and have not begun any official negotiations. The University’s request for review of an NLRB decision that allowed Local 33 to hold elections in nine separate departments remains pending in court.

Yale’s legal team is also attempting to file a request for review, which would challenge an August NLRB ruling that graduate students at private universities qualify as workers.

In a video detailing the eight graduate students’ fast, Moe said he hopes the fast will “convey the urgency of the situation” to the University. The video included statements of support from James Lawson, strategy committee chair of the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Workers’ Strike and Dolores Huerta, co-founder of the National Farmworkers Association.

Nicholas Vincent GRD ’17, the chairman of the Graduate Student Assembly, said he was surprised that Local 33 had resorted to a hunger strike and expressed hope that the eight students participating would receive proper medical supervision.

“A hunger strike is a thing that comes to mind for prisoners who are being mistreated,” Vincent said. “I think it’s not outlandish to say that they’re putting themselves in considerable harm for this.”

David Yaffe-Bellany contributed reporting.

  • MattSchlager

    This childish behavior can’t possibly help their career prospects.

    • firk

      unless they want a job with NPR

  • Saph

    I cannot be represented by these lunatics.

  • Hieronymus Machine

    Multiple, conflicting reactions all w/in the space of a moment. First was: “this solidifies GESO’s inherent absurdity.” (Other depts: is *this* what you want? Rilly?)

    Second: “y’all better *hope* you get an academic position, ’cause y’all can kiss private industry goodbye.” Secondary thought: Of course, this could be a differentiator in applying to, say, UCal: whacko bona fides (out of) of sorts.”

    Third thought was: I guess a *real* strike could risk disciplinary jeopardy (I smell unionista lawyers all over this carp), so not *actually* crazy (though demands for more mental health services make sense). Secondary thought: If Yale be so bad, clearly some *other* school has a better deal? (Duh: not! No matter how loud the whine, grad or undergrad, precious few ever transfer; because Yale.)

    Fourth: I give it no more than 24 hours before calls for a Clark Bar and a coffee.

    Fifth (and y’all could benefit from a fifth of *something*): Why do graddies have so. much. time? Why are y’all not dissertatin’ and like that? It’s a job? Get. To. Work!

    But back to the 1st: that ppl receiving close to median U.S. income AND free tuition/health care/Yalensis etc. can still temper tantrum is mind-boggling. [Spiritual void? I.e., ’cause the godless cannot experience gratitude w/o an earthly, tangible idol — and cuz that target sure ain’t gonna be slave-holdin’, cisheteronormative-lovin’, money-grubbin’ corporatist YALE — mebbe graddies suffer cognitive dissonance that converts what would/should be thankfulness into childish resentment. I dunno.]

    Sixth sense: I truly hope (but, because Salovey, do not expect) that Yale drops the hammer, whether via grant rescision, censure, “suspension” (whatever *that* is at the grad level) or outright expulsion. Gawd what a life lesson *that* would be!

    • L Redleaf

      I am a parent who is here for Bulldog Days. Blocking our celebration of our children was unconscionable. I hope none of these students ever show up in front of me for a job interview.

      • wonder_woman

        Oh, please. Activities on campus are not going to stop just so you can “celebrate your child”. Suck it up, snowflake.

      • Richard Rahl

        These entitled sociopaths don’t care how many people they harass with their stunt.

    • ldffly

      You are right. Salovey will not do a thing. He and Holloway didn’t do anything to college students who publicly shamed senior faculty. These graduate students are a joke and so is Salovey.

  • 2y7gb

    And yet, this is a legally constituted, NLRB-approved union. And Yale refuses to recognize and negotiate with them; in fact, waits, opportunistically for Mr. Trump to change the composition of the NLRB. This is cynical, contrary to the spirit of labor law, and complicit with the general anti-labor ideology of Trump and the Republican Party. For the union, it seems to me, things really have reached this point. This is the place where the rubber of Trump anti-labor ideology hits the road of a local situation.

    • Nancy Morris

      In other words, everyone knows the union will almost certainly not exist for very long.

      Have the words “counterproductive grandstanding” occurred to these clowns?

    • Stanleysmom

      LOL, President Salovey should totally negotiate and give them less than they have now.

  • Hieronymus Machine


  • Joey

    This is a wildly disproportionate act. They go to one of the best schools in the country, receive free health care, earn about $30,000 a year, and have the $40,000 tuition paid for, and they’re going on hunger strike. The last people I heard go on hunger strike were detainees at Guantanamo Bay. This is ridiculous.

    • blcartwright

      No, they’re skipping lunch for a day

  • Chad Rowan

    Cooley, Gendler, Salovey, Polak.

    They’ve all cast their lot in with the Trump administration. When this is all over and Trump becomes the Republican Jimmy Carter or the new Nixon, let’s never forget their names so they don’t slip off quietly and pretend it wasn’t anything to do with them.

    • Hieronymus Machine

      BwAAAAhahahaha! What kind of skewed mind could reach *that* conclusion?

      My goodness we are in for a rough 4-8 years what with all the antifa, snowflakes, crybullies and other Bernie-Sanders-is-too-far-right types…

      • Chad Rowan

        Please. You keyboard conservative snowflakes in your parents’ basements need to get more fresh air – you’re overheating.

        • Hieronymus Machine

          Sorry to leave you hanging, Chad, or, um… Aaron?

          “President Salovey, members of the Yale Corporation, the top members of the Yale administration are actively choosing to take advantage of this political moment and actively choosing to side with Donald Trump over members of the Yale community,” [Greenberg] said.

        • Gray goo is good for you

          LOL, you just string adjectives together. You must be a Yale grad.

        • wonder_woman

          The Trump trolls are out in force.

  • Jake Black

    Natural selection.

  • Jaymin Patel

    Way to perpetuate the narrative of Yale students being melodramatic about everything. Seriously?? A hunger strike to hold a meeting for a Union that most grad students don’t even want?

    • Carlos Bravo

      A–hunger optional–hunger strike, BTW.

      • Hieronymus Machine

        It’s kinda like a Congressional filibuster that way, knowhadimean?

  • Frank Rizzo

    In inspiring solidarity with the snowflakes, I too vow to eat only when I’m hungry

    • Carlos Bravo

      Me too!

  • hannah

    You eat when hungry, am I right?

  • Vanns40

    What an incredible bunch of crybabies. I can’t wait for all of you to get out in the world and try and pull this crap. You are in for the rudest surprise of your selfish lives.

    • Richard Rahl

      They will succeed in the real world union shops, where people get ahead not by doing better work, but by slacking off and doing such stunts.

      This includes government-controlled schools.

      • Vanns40

        You’re probably correct, although they’ll undoubtedly go through at least a few employers who won’t put with that crap before they finally find just the right “fit”. Maybe Hillary’s Foundation is recruiting?

  • Gary Lynch

    I f-ing hate this generation more than any group of people on the face of the planet, and I have a 17 year old child. She’s awesome, but the rest of these little sh*tbirds can eat a d*ck. When you hit the real world, children, be ready for what we will throw at you. Hint, it smells bad…

    • Dan Roth

      I sort of hate to say this but we made this generation. To sort of quote them, I am not sure whose responsibility it is to straighten this out. Must be someone elses.

  • FlushRyan

    I just looked under for job listings for GRAD STUDENT. Surprisingly, it is not an actual occupation. It is like 17th Grade. If you have enough time to protest as a grad student, see your advisor. You are doing it wrong.

    • ldffly

      Where they get the time has been my question for years. How in the world can you be engaged in union organizing yet still have the time to go to class, write a dissertation and carry out your teaching obligations? Somebody is joking here, but I’m not laughing.

  • Carlos Bravo

    Um, a hunger strike is not supposed to stop once you get too hungry to go on… I have a feeling that bit of information is going to get ignored.

  • June Swinford

    A hunger strike where you can eat anytime you like? A hunger strike in name only? Or is this one of those neckbeard “I’ll make do with non-gluten-free cookies and domestic beers as a personal sacrifice FOR JUSTICE!!!” things?

    This is the sort of empty-headed logic an Ivy League education affords you? Money well-spent indeed! How embarrassing for Yale and Yale’s students past and present.

    • Dan Roth

      Give you one better. These idiots are so stupid this whole fiasco made the national news! This is not a good commercial for Yale. Bad PR!

  • candrews

    I’m not sure this involves either hunger nor a strike…

    Rather than ‘Hunger Strike’, perhaps ‘Sitting Around Until We Get Hungry’

    There, fixed it for ya.

  • A Smith

    Liberals are deeply unserious people.

    • firk

      the term “liberal” might imply they have some understanding, or appreciation of the concepts of freedom & liberty. The knuckle-heads are “progressives” i.e. progressively more state control over our lives, progressively less freedom & liberty.

  • Ganesh

    Dressing up their cynical self-interest in the garb of ‘resisting Trump.’

    Daily reminder that ‘college educated’ leftists are the very worst people in our entire society. The least honest, the least forthright, the least well rounded intellectually, the least able to think clearly and lucidly.

    Trump is far from perfect, but I would far, FAR rather he stay in office forever than to let these sorts anywhere near the levers of power ever again.

    • Richard Rahl

      the resist movement is all about rejecting democracy. sore losers.

  • Ganesh


  • Douglas Remy

    What an absolute joke. This is like a bunch of kindergartners having a tantrum and nothing more. A bunch of selfish students who are getting not only paid for health care but another 70k on top of it.. and they will “strike” until they get hungry, have someone sit in for them while they go eat, then come back. What a bloody joke. Goes to show the type of people schools like Yale are graduating. Zero standards.

    It also is an utter disrespect to all the brave men and women who over the centuries put their lives on the line in real hunger strikes to support their beliefs.

    • Richard Rahl

      So, if you were a father, what would you do if your son decided to whine and refuse to eat in order to get a larger allowance?

      The same action should be applied here.

  • Nate Whilk

    Yale has officially jumped the shark.

  • Ken G.

    I didn’t see anything that said they could eat when they wanted. Can anyone point that out to me?

  • DoomedCoast

    If you nosh on vegan snacks in a safe space it doesn’t count as eating. Nobheads.

  • mauser 98
  • mauser 98

    snowflake Yale censors re comments …all sniveling cowards

  • Victor Deutchman

    Ha ha ha ha!!

  • Big Red

    I went on a similar hunger strike and gained 30 pounds.

  • Anti-Citizen

    A hunger strike done by SJWs is one where you can eat only when you are hungry

  • David Busha

    Morons! Get a life, a job, and your own place to live.

  • Kelly

    Was that a tremor? No just Bobby Sands rolling over.

  • Patti Robertson

    Ok, let’s see…..$70,000 a year plus medical benefits — who are these clowns anyway? And what exactly is it they think they are entitled to? Jeeze ! AND…where does the $70 grand come from — government grants? Which of course means, we the people, the taxpayers pay for these IDIOTS to get their graduate degree with $30,00 thrown in for good measure…. What on earth is happening in this country? It’s got to STOP!!

    • USexitUN

      And then they can get a teaching position to indoctrinate undergrads about the evils of America and white people.

  • Csf79849504

    I encourage one of the students do his/her thesis on how much other students receive for their degree. My daughter just finished and received $0 and also had to pay the ACA penalty.

  • Onmyhonor

    Read the article. Still could not figure out what are they protesting for? Trump or for more benefits? If benefits what specifically are they asking for?

  • Stephen Gomes
    • Dan Roth

      There are limits even to being looney. These people crossed over to the other side where there are no safe spaces for them. The micro (and some macro) aggressions are coming full speed.

  • Goldie ’08
  • Stanleysmom

    The cure for this is learning how to be grateful. So many people would give anything to be affiliated with or educated at Yale. A stipend, healthcare, and free tuition is an amazing package. I just can’t shake my head and roll my eyes enough. It’s Spring, shouldn’t the snowflakes be gone by now?

    • Richard Rahl

      Be grateful, not greedy. This applies to any situation where fairly-paid, well-paid, or even rich workers decide to get lazy/greedy and go on strike.

      They should be fired, blacklisted from future employment anywhere, and barred from any welfare as well due to their irresponsibility.

  • Steve Bacher

    Symbolism over substance, as usual.
    If what I read in another article ($30k stipend, paid healthcare, $40k tuition paid) is a damn good deal. And they want UNION benefits? Typical gimee attitude!
    You want a Union, go work in a factory.

  • addictedtoreason

    Now it’s symbolic, apparently they got hungry.

  • firk

    Just for clarity, these students earn $30k per ; + free health insurance; + free $40k tuition at one of the worlds most prestigious universities…..where do i sign up? what a bunch of soft headed morons. We should be happy to pay taxes to provide these people with helmets.

    • Dustin Youngs


    • Dan Roth

      These are the same people who killed the goose that laid the golden egg.

  • GavinVolaire

    One question for the author, KEVIN SWAIN, were you so easily duped as to believe this was an actual hunger strike or did you know they were eating whenever they felt like it?

    Calling this a hunger strike is not unlike a smoker declaring they quit smoking every time they put out a cigarette.

  • ldffly

    I don’t think there’s a chance in this world that this will happen, but I will suggest it anyway. It’s time Yale went back to merit based graduate school financial aid. A little shrinkage in graduate school enrollment and a little more care in selecting students would go a long way to putting a stop to this foolishness.

    For a little perspective on the position of current graduate students, consider this. I was admitted into the philosophy department in fall of 1976. If memory serves me, my class had 13 members, 8 received University Fellowships, the other 5 received no university financial aid. Two of us received stipends of $900. Two of us received stipends of $2000. The rest received $1000. There was very little TA work available in the philosophy department in those days, plus the graduate school rules set severe limitations on teaching if you had a stipend of any size. Now that was tough, even considering lower cost of living in those days. Things aren’t really that bad for you, folks; so don’t listen to the union.

    • Hieronymus Machine

      “A little shrinkage in graduate school enrollment and a little more care in selecting students would go a long way to putting a stop to this foolishness.”

      Agree on all counts. Also, “a little shrinkage” (at Yale and elsewhere) would help with the oversupply of PhDs, thus alleviating the basic (and real) concern re:post-Yale employment. (Aside: I, for one, would also not oppose “a little shrinkage” via disciplinary action, but those days are likely gone.)

      • ldffly

        I have been in favor of limitations on the quantity of Ph.D.s awarded since I was a college student. (How’s that for a case of delusions of grandeur?) However, I wasn’t the only one. Clark Kerr published his famous essay, “The Coming Ph.D. Crisis” about 1968 or 69. That was the time for all responsible programs to slim down. They did not. In the next ten years, despite worsening placement prospects in nearly all fields, enrollments went up.

        Why? Cheap labor and the need to maintain student credit hour production are two plausible reasons. Far be it from me to be cynical about motives of the Yale administration, but I suspect the administration admitted many of these graduate students because Yale needed their labor. There will be no shrinkage and no hand wringing about admitting the marginal student. Yale College is growing and the administration would rather play that on the cheap even if it does mean dealing with grad student noise from time to time.

    • Dan Roth

      I wonder how much the union dues are. Better be sitting down when you find out! Someone thinks they will be making money on this deal. Would anyone hire one of these students?

  • newdawn

    What a bunch of snowflakes. Join the real world and you will see how hard it is

  • GavinVolaire


  • John Adams


  • Rick Txsixshooter

    Bunch of damn snowflakes!

  • Glen Wishard

    Congratulations to the ingenious ticks who organized a – ha ha ha – graduate student union. They might as well suck up their share of the dumb money that supports these brats, because it’s not going to last.

  • Rick Txsixshooter

    Bunch of darn snowflakes! The real world is going to be so hard on them at some point if this is an issue.

  • prohibitedweapon

    That’s it. I’m sending my kids to trade school. At least they’ll learn something, other than “snowflaking,” they can actually use to make a living.

  • Anymouse 2

    except that now we find out that no one is actually going to starve themselves; ots “symbolic”, and the “protestors are encouraged to get up and leave to get a meal when-ever they feel hungry.
    Because, ya know, being paid $70K a year to be a frikken student is just sooooo unfair

  • Wenda Kennedy

    If these people don’t like it at Yale, they should leave and do something else. No one owes them anything!

  • Anymouse 2

    Yale, this is why we employers are no longer interested in hiring your graduates.

  • Sol_of_Texas

    So these grad students are pissed off because their professors “use” their research work without crediting them? I don’t understand the grievance. I also state to the whining grad students … welcome to the real world of academia.

  • Robbins Mitchell

    Well,I can see where the silly season has yet again struck “the Harvard of Connecticut”…..the “Bulldog” has been spayed

  • Russ W. Cole

    What saddens me the most is that this is the result of their parenting, where everyone got a trophy for participating, where no one learns what it means to fail and how to do better, where everyone expects life to give them everything without having to earn it through hard work and devoting time to excel. They are so going to be in for a state of shock when they experience the real world where employers won’t put up with this me me me spoiled attitude. Hunger strike where they get to eat, what a joke!

  • Dori

    Poor infants! Try growing up and being responsible.

  • Javenis Mydaus

    So, a hunger strike for nothing in particular?

  • ShadrachSmith

    An “all you can eat” hunger strike seems ironic. Symbolic symbolism or something.

  • Dan Roth

    The story left out the part about how they are allowed to eat if they get hungry. This is a FAKE hunger strike just like most things these snowflakes engage in if it could involve any work or discomfort for them. A writer likened the potential success of this fake hunger strike to the level of success that would be achieved from a fake diet.

    • Richard Rahl

      I wouldn’t be surprised if there were numerous Domino’s deliveries to them during the hunger strike.

  • Marvin

    I would be more concerned with their mental health before I am with their physical health. No reason to have a healthy body if you are delusional.

  • Geoff Crewe

    Poor little SnowFlakes…………

  • Carlos Bravo

    Fake News–if you can eat when you get hungry this is a diet at best.

    • Brad Leone

      Honestly, from what I can tell, the reports that they’re allowed to eat is the fake news. The sites reporting that seem to be citing an ambiguous line in the group’s pamphlet (the image of which seems to now be mysteriously missing) that read something along the lines of: “Skip your lunch and join us to give us morale, when one of us can no longer continue, feel free to replace us.” While it may be POSSIBLE to interpret that as suggesting they could come and go to eat as they pleased, it could also (and probably more likely) mean they just anticipated a bunch of people giving up over time. While that certainly shows an embarrassing lack of unity and faith in their supporters, it’s still NOT the same thing as being permitted to eat.

  • Catherine Norman

    I don’t understand why the students aren’t grateful that they are receiving enough compensation to attend classes and feed themselves. By purposely not eating, they are showing they don’t need any more compensation. Their logic escapes me.
    I also woder how they have the time to spend protesting. I say this as a former (and grateful) graduate student.

    • Richard Rahl

      If they want more compensation, they should earn it by excelling.

      Or is the work ethic gone with the last century? And it’s all begging and entitlement now?

  • Loledhard

    “Update: the Yale grad student union is holding a *symbolic* hunger strike (they eat when hungry) Still inspirational”

    “A hunger strike is a thing that comes to mind for prisoners who are
    being mistreated,” Vincent said. “I think it’s not outlandish to say
    that they’re putting themselves in considerable harm for this.”


    “Nicholas Vincent GRD ’17, the chairman of the Graduate Student Assembly,
    said he was surprised that Local 33 had resorted to a hunger strike and
    expressed hope that the eight students participating would receive
    proper medical supervision.”

    WOW, sheltered little s* on a “hunger strike” which involves them eating when they get hungry, and he’s asking for medical supervision LOOOOL.

    You do know you can fo weeks without eating? 6 hours will not kill anyone. And that’s not even 2x what they’re doing. They’re eating every 60 minutes…

  • Gintastic

    I stand with you YALE students!! (at least till lunch)

  • Gintastic

    Seriously mods?

    Are you that delicate?

  • Wing_Zero_75

    Ah yes, hurting yourself until the man gives in. Wasnt it a “symbolic” hunger strike and people could eat when they want? Or is the last part a rumor?

  • Peggy Curtain
  • Muhammad Ali Kamal

    This earlier months ago, it demanded international labor union UNITED HERE into Yale on April 21-25 and that is Political Science and East Asian Languages and Literatures Departments. Vice President and Democatic National Committee Vice Chair is Maria Elena into Local 33 that supporters that he or she stands for solidarity with them. Durazo wanted to say that thanks you and also congratulate with you. Yale always wanted to say that power. Tom Conroy spoken about University’s news. He said, that hunger strike’s circumstances. In a Statement’s news, University spoken about Tom Conroy’s unwarranted.

  • Mr Gone

    A few facts here, please. First, the nonsense about eating whenever they want is just that. Its not true. Anyone here care about that?

    Second, whatever you or I might think of the amount of money awarded for PhD students, the fact is that the students who teach voted, fair and square, to unionize. The University objected to some aspects of the way they conducted the union elections, and the NLRB unanimously and immediately rejected those objections.

    So, the students voted in a way that the NLRB found to be legitimate, but the University refuses to negotiate with them. Instead, the University has hired the leading union-busting firm to lead their strategy. This strategy is simple: wait until the NLRB is constituted with Trump appointees while using their PR muscle to distort the situation.

    The students are conducting a strenuous campaign to get the university to honor their legal and legitimate vote. The University, which *is* extraordinarily wealthy, is using their vast PR and legal team to try to delegitimize the union.

    So, all you good red blooded working people on this forum (are you there?) why are you buying the University’s PR nonsense?

    • ldffly

      Who are “the students”? Are graduate students undifferentiated on this?

      • David

        There are certainly many grad students there who find this union organizing inappropriate. But they’re busy getting their work done and being the academic apprentices they came to Yale to be.

        Since the movement is not popular overall, the union has cherrypicked academic departments were it might be popular and managed to win a few. It’s like organizing a factory with several assembly lines, where you hold separate votes on each assembly line.

        It’s ridiculous. Creative maybe, but ridiculous.

        • Richard Rahl

          True, and as with any situation in a forced-union state such as Connecticut, the union doesn’t represent who it claims to represent: always, a sizable group ranging from a large minority to almost everyone never chose the union and wants nothing to do with it.

    • PokeyBug

      These adult students are very bad at communication. Do you even know what, specifically, they are claiming the university won’t negotiate with them about? This pathetic cry for attention on the part of these kids is only serving to make them appear ridiculous in the public eye. I don’t know what they want or why they are ‘striking’. For all I know, they’re striking because they want colored toilet paper in the bathroom stalls or to be provided with only Waterman pens to do their work. If they’re striking for a serious reason, why haven’t they focused on that?

      • Richard Rahl

        The university doesn’t need to negotiate with them anyway, it is within its right to ignore illegitimate demands.

    • Richard Rahl

      “Second, whatever you or I might think of the amount of money awarded for
      PhD students, the fact is that the students who teach voted, fair and
      square, to unionize”

      SOME did. Yale isn’t in a right-to-work state, which means that the students are bullied and forced into the union.

      “So, the students voted in a way that the NLRB found to be legitimate, but the University refuses to negotiate with them.”

      They don’t have to. Just because an organization exists doesn’t mean they have to deal with it.

      “the University has hired the leading union-busting firm to lead their strategy”

      Good for them. And typically union busting isn’t busting at all.

      “The students are conducting a strenuous campaign to get the university to honor their legal and legitimate vote.”

      And their demands are legitimately laughable and to be ignored. The best way to “honor’ them is to fire them all.

      “So, all you good red blooded working people on this forum (are you there?) why are you buying the University’s PR nonsense?”

      Perhaps because we are WORKING PEOPLE. If you are striking, you sure aren’t working. The university was 100% in the right on this, not the greedy lazy students who tried to get even richer by loafing about and whining about hunger.,

  • dingodango

    So…it’s not a hunger strike. LOL.. Typical whiney liberal pansy activists can’t even do a real hunger strike. I am guessing it must be REALLY rough getting that $30,000yr stipend, free healthcare and free $40,000yr tuition must be horrific.

    Just more idiot liberals who are completely out of touch from reality.

    • filmklassik

      Yale should give in to their demands and award them some symbolic money.

  • John Torkildsen

    Please keep it up-until death.

  • yalie

    How on Earth can they claim a mandate after allowing only 9% of the student body a vote?

    • ArchAngel

      Labor law in the US allows employees to determine their union representatives. In eight out of nine departments, Local 33 was elected as a labor representative, “mandating” that Local 33 represents them in negotiations with Yale. Glad to clarify!

      • yalie

        Yeah, thanks for clarification. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on what constitutes a mandate beyond what labor law allows–for now. The graduate student body, as a whole, would likely have rejected the unionization attempts, which accounts for the departmental approach. If that had failed, would the organizers have polled each student individually?

  • Aquaman

    I hope the entitled brats all starve themselves to death.

    • suse

      Someone will sneak in some Chick-fil-a. :/

  • Christopher O’Connell

    In front of the guys home? That’s underhanded. It should be done in front of his office (if you have to do it).

  • David

    GESO didn’t make any sense years ago, and these folks don’t make any more sense now.