Robbie Short

The annual Saybrook Strip during Saturday’s Yale-Harvard ended with 12 students being removed from Harvard Stadium.

Per tradition, a section of Saybrugians stripped down to their underwear in the final minutes of the third quarter of The Game. An additional dozen or so students removed all their clothing and stood on top of the wall separating the stands from the field, causing a slight delay in the game.

Starting members of the Yale and Harvard football teams stood near midfield as members of the Harvard University Police Department first yelled at the Saybrugians from the field before entering the stands. Once in the stands, HUPD officers escorted the 12 nude students — most of whom put their clothes back on before exiting the stands — outside the stadium.

According to one of the students, who wished to remain anonymous, no charges were pressed.

HUPD did not yet respond to a request for comment.