Days are numbered. Renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking estimates that humans have only 1,000 years left on earth. According to CBS, Hawking warned that humanity will only withstand extinction if we find life on another planet.

Trumping foreign relations. The Yale International Relations Association is hosting a roundtable discussion in William L. Harkness Hall, focusing on foreign policy implications following Donald Trump’s election. BAR pizza and other refreshments will be served at the talk.

Late-night breakfast. Following the success of Jewish Deli Nights, Slifka Center is serving breakfast for dinner this evening. The event will feature an omelette bar, waffles, pancakes and more. For late risers, this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy breakfast past 10:30 a.m.

This day in Yale history 1914 Professor Ernest William Brown receives a royal gold medal from King George for contributions to astronomy. Brown is one of the first non-British subjects to earn one of the two medals awarded each year.