Protests begin. Thousands of anti-Trump demonstrators marched from New York City’s Washington Square Park to Trump Towers on Fifth Avenue yesterday. Once outside, attendees burned an American flag. There will be a second march today.

Marriage equality. The 2016 documentary “Freedom to Marry” is screening today in the Loria Center ahead of its Nov. 12 release. Evan Wolfson ’78, the president of the same-sex marriage advocacy group of the same name, will lead a discussion afterwards.

New MacBook. Just five days after its release, Apple’s latest MacBook Pro has outsold all of its competitors this year, generating nearly 80 percent of the revenue the 12-inch MacBook has since April 2015. Apple stock prices declined by 0.16 percent Wednesday.

This day in Yale history 1967 More than one hundred Yale Democrats pledge to stand in opposition to President Lyndon B. Johnson for his foreign policy and involvement in Vietnam, canvassing New Haven with the national Council of Concerned Democrats.