Teary eyes, bowed heads and cries of disbelief emerged from election-watching gatherings on Yale campus as prognosticators announced that Ohio’s electoral votes went to Donald Trump — essentially guaranteeing the Republican nominee the presidency.

Trump’s unexpected victory in the 2016 presidential election early Wednesday morning sent shockwaves across Yale’s campus. Many Yale students watching the election around campus — in dorms, classrooms and residential college butteries — expressed surprise and disappointment.

Among the largest gatherings on Yale’s campus was The Politic’s watch party. Students, including members of the Yale College Democrats and Yale Students for Hillary, packed the room, their eyes glued to a television tuned to CNN. Attendees blanketed the floor, their laptops flashing with maps of blue and red as Trump continued to pull away from Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton LAW ’73 in key battleground states like Ohio, North Carolina and Michigan.

Silence fell upon the room when CNN predicted that the Republican Party would maintain control of the House of Representatives.

“I expected to be feeling jubilant by now,” Yale Dems campus and community coordinator Josh Hochman ’18 said. “I was really excited for tonight. We expected a huge crowd and we got it, but we were disappointed pretty early on.”

The reactions are consistent with the results of a News survey distributed last month, in which 80.87 percent of 2,054 respondents said they supported Clinton while less than 5 percent said the same for Trump.

Students interviewed said they were surprised by the results, citing online sources and social media that predicted a Clinton victory. Indeed, Clinton’s loss comes as a huge surprise not just for most Yale students, but for the media and prediction teams in the nation at large: Most major national publications issued both their backing of Clinton’s presidency and multiple denunciations of Trump’s candidacy, and most national polls, including those of FiveThirtyEight and The New York Times’ The Upshot, predicted a Clinton presidency.

Election results began to suggest a Trump victory when battleground states went to the Republican nominee, according to Rosa Shapiro-Thomson ’19. She added that she checked statistics earlier on the website FiveThirtyEight and had no doubt that Clinton would win.

Udit Jain ’18 said he acknowledged those surrounding him in the Yale community “were not necessarily representative of the average American voting,” but he still did not imagine the vote would go to Trump, especially in context of the prevote poll predictions.

Once Trump had a clear lead, students voiced their concerns about the implications of his presidency for women and underrepresented groups — populations that Trump has disparaged at various points in the race. Kevin Tan ’17 said he thinks the effect on policy does not compare to the “moral effect” on the country.

Gabriel Groz ’19 told the News he worried about Trump’s policies towards many of his peers, particularly those who are Muslim, and called this year’s election “the rise of a fascist.” Leah Smith ’20, who attended The Politic’s watch party, expressed her concerns with what Trump’s appeal said about the nation’s attitude at large.

“I’m scared at the prospect of waking up in a country that elected Donald Trump as our president,” said Smith toward the middle of the watch party. “I am also scared at the prospect of waking up in a country where Donald Trump was almost elected president, because that means almost half of the population thinks it is okay that someone who has such vocal hatred towards women and minorities is fit to be president.”

Students also expressed distrust in Trump’s ability to lead the nation. Groz said that he did not think Trump respected the U.S. Constitution, and said he hopes that any potential constitutional violations Trump commits will be “small things.” Tan said he was grateful for the balance of power written into the Constitution.

Still, not all students were disappointed with Trump’s victory. A junior in Jonathan Edwards College, who requested to remain anonymous for fear of backlash, supported Trump in his presidential run and told the News that he was optimistic about the country’s future.

“I listen to a lot of kids at Yale saying, ‘How could this happen?’ but it shows really how a lot of people within these campuses and these universities are really out of touch with the everyday American,” he said. “That being said, I certainly feel for the people on the other side; they worked really hard on their campaign and I believe both sides believe their vision is best for both people. It’s really important that we remember that on this campus, because there’s no one that’s seeking to destroy this country. Everyone’s running to do what’s best.”

The student said that he was excited for the American public to have a leader not beholden to corporate interests or the “elites in society,” adding that although he expected Trump to win, he expected the race to be closer. He said that while Trump was rewarded for speaking out against certain institutions, he hopes the administration will make good on Trump’s economic promises.

While the atmosphere was increasingly somber as Clinton fell behind in the polls and Trump’s victory become more apparent, students gathered on Cross Campus to express their frustration.

An election “primal scream,” organized by the Freshman Outdoor Orientation Leaders who also participate in the minutelong tradition before midterms and finals, took place outside Sterling Memorial Library at 12:30 a.m. The event was quickly publicized and passed on to the general student body via email less than an hour in advance.

The scream offered students a chance to come together, process the shock of the moment and use that energy to move forward, said a sophomore at the event. She added that the primal scream is in no way incitement or an invitation for reckless behavior, but rather a contained period of expression that hopefully enables its participants to express their frustration productively.

A little over an hour later, La Casa Cultural Director Eileen Galvez sent an email to students inviting the community to La Casa at 10 a.m. on Wednesday for food and comfort.

“While we celebrate American citizens’ right to vote, we also acknowledge that many people are in pain tonight,” Galvez wrote. “While we as a country move forward with new national leadership, for those of you that feel that pain, you are not alone.”

  • http://www.artspace.com/magazine/interviews_features/lists/the-10-worst-ways-to-die-in-a-hieronymous-bosch-painting-53872 Hieronymus Machine

    For many youth at Yale, this may well be the first time they’ve been told “no” in any meaningful way. I sincerely hope (for us all) that this election proves a useful lesson in empathy and expectation.

    Nothing is the end of the world, and there is nothing new under the sun.

    • bulldog3

      yes like when Hitler came to power and murdered 10 million “others”. Those who didn’t move fast enough got pulled into the death machine. He wasn’t easy to get rid of either. China and Russia are currently dictatorships, The Winter is coming.

      • CentralJerseyMom

        Strongly suggest you listen to Obama’s speech today. One of his best. No. This is not Hitler. This is democracy. You just don’t like it, so it must be the end of the world.

        • Amal Thaon

          So true, Princetonia. The White House has never been a ‘safe space’ — and nobody who wants a safe space should be trying to break in.

      • JackTors2012

        Godwin’s Law states that as an online argument grows longer and more heated, it becomes increasingly likely that somebody will bring up Adolf Hitler or the Nazis. When such an event occurs, the person guilty of invoking Godwin’s Law has effectively forfeited the argument.

      • Sharky66

        LMAO right because Trump is really Hitler. Oh yeah, he is setting up gas chambers and death camps as we speak. Sure, sure. Wow Yet funny enough Hillary has had more people killed than Trump. OPPS

      • Fissile48

        Fascism is perpetually falling on America but always lands in Europe.

      • Lawrence Melchior

        History major, huh? LOL.

      • Amal Thaon

        Careful! the 1st person to mention Hitler loses but, since his name came up, I’ve heard in Gender Studies that Hitler was only the mouthpiece for Eva Braun. Fortunately, (St) Eva was a smoker, so there may be more to the issue than Hitler’s banning smoking. Anyway, Hitler is rarely a good example of the bacterium that kills; he had a lot of willing help.

  • IAintHappy

    No one takes your cult of perpetual butthurt seriously anymore. Grow up. Get a real degree. Get a real job. And stop screaming like GD idiots.

    • Debbie

      …but entertain us with some good special snowflake tantrums first!

  • Nancy Morris

    A terrible shock. Terrible. Just terrible. Shock you? It shocked me!

    The proper course for anyone reacting as strongly to this election as the Yale students described in this article is to withdraw to a monestary maintained by the religious persuasion of their choice, disengage from this world, and never vote again. And for God’s sake, don’t even think about procreating. With the nation setting itself on such a course as this, having even a single child would be cruelty itself. Primal scream indeed.

  • bill bill

    The student who supported Trump but feared a backlash speaks volumes about the bigotry that exists today at Yale.

    • Mary Ann

      Nonsense. There is nothing to fear. Snowflakes have no spines or brains.

      • Carlisle Hall

        Not individually, but they feel empowered in groups.

        • Mary Ann

          They do have a tendency to swirl around with the air currents, and pile up in drifts.

      • Amal Thaon

        The most dangerous weapon is the tongue.

  • Common_Sense96

    Little snowflakes – you are and always have been nothing to Killary……..


    She reached for her phone, to read of her win…
    The final results, of the election were in….

    She stared at the screen, as her face turned bright red….
    Then she threw it at Bill, and here’s what she said….

    “What the Hell’s wrong with them? And why can’t they see?….
    I am sweet, and I’m kind, I love birds, I love bees”….

    “I’m not bought, or corrupt, I’m just honest, you see”…
    “ I just don’t understand… why those PEASANTS hate me!”…

  • Common_Sense96

    Ahhhh – liberals monitoring comments…..THAT’s why there are so few here….

    • Ralphiec88

      And yet, somehow this was posted.
      The reality is that YDN screens all posts. Primarily they whack posts that make personal attacks, especially those with names. If you believe they want to censor you, you have a greatly inflated view of the importance of your posts.

  • Common_Sense96

    I wonder if this comment will be screened?

  • wonder_woman

    A very sad day for this country. We’ve shown the world that hatred is acceptable in America. This is not the America I know, and Trump will never be my president because he does not represent me. He is a vulgar narcissist and never should have gotten this far.

    • terryhughes

      We need a period of reconciliation after this election ordeal. This just in:

      “President-Elect Donald Trump has appointed Hillary Clinton as special envoy to Libya.”

      Let the healing begin!

      • JackTors2012


    • Mary Ann

      I had a dream so big and loud
      I jumped so high I touched the clouds
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      I’m never gonna look back
      Woah, never gonna give it up
      No, please don’t wake me now
      This is gonna be the best day of my life
      My li-i-i-i-i-ife
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      I howled at the moon with friends
      And then the sun came crashing in
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      But all the possibilities
      No limits just epiphanies
      Wo-o-o-o-o-oh, wo-o-o-o-o-oh
      I’m never gonna look back
      Woah, never gonna give it up
      No, just don’t wake me now
      This is gonna be the best day of my life
      My li-i-i-i-i-ife
      This is gonna be the best day of my life

      • Jawaralal_Schwartz

        James Henrix, is it not, eh?

        • Mary Ann

          American Authors

          But good guess!

    • Dont Askme

      Careful there you hypocrite! You are triggering people with your hate and aggression against those who believe differently from you. We had to deal with Satan/Obama for 8 years and now clean up his mess so you can suckered it up and deal with Trump for 8 years. This is the first time that you have not been catered to so pay attention to this valuable life lesson…the world does not revolve around liberals. Deal with it.

      • wonder_woman

        Except I’m 49 years old, and not a kid who needs “valuable life lessons”. Students aren’t the only ones who read this publication. And FYI: I have never been “catered to”. I paid my own way through college and graduate school, and struggled for many years to get where I am now. You might want to stop painting with such a broad brush, there, buddy.

        • Jawaralal_Schwartz

          But the kids don’t want to be where you are now, with all do respect. Just where is that? Is it at Yale?

          • wonder_woman

            It’s all DUE respect, not all “do” respect.

          • doberdad

            Wow, 49 years old and still a Troll. You know the first proof positive of a troll is spelling correction in an internet forum. Flash, you look completely unintelligent despite your huge opinion of yourself. Btw, I too paid my way through school , working in the day, college at night and passed the CPA exam. Unlike you this gives me less patience for the entitled of today and the bleeding hearts like you. 49 and no life lessons. Have you opened a paper or read anything in the daily articles of Hillary’s offences to basically everyone. I was accepted into NYU which at the time was more prestigious and couldn’t afford it so I hade to settle for Pace University and made the best of it. These silver spoon little spoiled brats
            don’t know what its like to not be catered too. I don’t know if I buy your story, something isn’t right. Its a long climb through graduate school if you had to pay yourself. Something tells me you were subsidized because I can smell entitlement on your breath. I don’t hear struggle in your story, only you “paid” for it yourself. Somehow I don’t think you worked for it.

          • wonder_woman

            Are you speaking to me? If so, you don’t know a damned thing about me or my life. I worked more than one job as an undergraduate, and I worked full-time while I was in graduate school, so there were no subsidies. I struggled for years and now I give back to my community. No entitlement here, TYVM. Trolls calling the kettle black. Unbelievable how much hatred and ignorance there is on this thread. My kids are more insightful and mature than all of you.

        • Dont Askme

          This article was written by Yale students and in reference to those wusses at Yale who tried to demand special treatment even from the dean because they did not like the fact that Trump won. Therefore my comment was in reply to this article about those Yale students. I was not speaking to you directly but now I am…. go cry in a beer somewhere sweetheart because we really don’t give a flying f you are unhappy that Trump won. We were forced to endure Obama for 8 years so now you can suck it up and endure Donald Trump for 8 then hopefully Ivanka Trump for another as our first female president. Apparently you do need to learn a few valuable lessons if you have not learned yet that the world does not revolve around you. Go find some cotton wool to wrap your little precious self in and find a safe space to suck your thumb if you have been offended by my words because I really don’t give a toss.

          • Lawrence Melchior

            I’m sure he’ll be sucking something

          • Dont Askme

            LOL! Ooooohh don’t you know he is crying to his mummy now!

          • wonder_woman

            Well, I guess we have something in common because I don’t give a toss about your words, either. Just keep on being condescending, arrogant and rude – you know what they say about karma.

          • Dont Askme

            We already dealt with the worst Karma coukd throw at us for the last 8 years. Get ready to kiss our butts for 8 years because we have complete control.

            Buh-bye widdle wiberal snowflake!

          • Amal Thaon

            It wasn’t the fact that Trump had won but that Trump had run at all …! The same flotsam from suburbia demonstrated against “hurtful” Halloween masks (masking their own prejudices). The same bullies couldn’t trust themselves to offer an Anglo-American Greco-Jewish faggot with bleached hair a SAFE SPACE for an hour talk. These terrified turkeys belong at a Thanksgoing table. They may want safe spaces because they’re afraid, but they aren’t nearly as afraid as the people who are brave enough to plunk these brats down in their high chairs and give them no dessert. Were they at Yale to learn bad form? bad manners? hysterical behavior? and disgraceful unruliness? The kind of behavior that Yale is succumbing to is as dumbing down as is got with “identity politics”, 3rd-wave feminist revisionism, trigger warnings, virtue signaling (without knowing smoke signals, let alone Morse code), oh, and the totem trespass blocking their way known as phallus envy. You have heard that lesbian feminists want Harkness tower demolished because it reminds the little unholies, every hour, of the misogynist patriarchy which subordinates them to Yale’s control of class time with a man-made clock — no?). Symbols hurt! worse than words! Well, now you know. Votes hurt too, you know. You meanies completely wrecked their happy-happy party! And the Wizard of Oz and the Queen of Hearts had been invited, too! Boo-hoo. You-you party farts, you! (But you should have seen the meltdown at Wellesley! It was as beautiful as swan lake freezing over, locking Nervana de Tutumushch into the chill of an iced-over latte! The riots at Yale, at Berkley, the riots all over the nation said SO MUCH about how the bad losers lost. They lost because they were bad losers, blew too much money before the game had even begun, timed the final rally badly — and the good winners, the true Elis, knew it and skipped to the goal line in one down with your pants down! I’m proud of you (albeit gutless I voted 3rd party). I’ll march with you. You’re not afraid of pipe smoke and you’re not afraid of battle smoke. You’re the blokes the country needs now! Let’s go! Let’s intimidate our enemies, befriend our losers, cure cancer, get the homeless back home, and let a fairy like Milo feel SAFE on campus by locking up these premature menopausal hysterics (male and female) who think that, because they got into Yale, they can rewrite its script to suit the children’s books of their childhood! Give them no trophies! Give them no quarter! Rewriting Yale’s destiny is the kind of redaction that needs to be redlined and, in this case, excised.

        • Amal Thaon

          You’re all wrong. Every minority has persecuted its gay minority, often its aged, and cannot be presumed to be innocent merely by historical texts. All history is wrong or each generation would not feel compelled to rewrite it. I can remember when there wasn’t a lesbian in history, let alone running for president. In my day, as Prof Noyes used to say, children could wind up their own toys! (Well, it was just a adage.) Moreover, Americans have a tendency to write their own history: this time by voting for Mr Trump. I only hope he can find a polite way to smash the smug overconfidence of the little losers who threw a tantrum and trashed my yard! And he’ll begin at the wrong end if he’s picking on the slave class who’ll be setting things aright. He should start with Yale students acting like brats running for the safe space of a rat hole!

    • Carlisle Hall

      Are you for real? “Hatred” has always been “acceptable in America.” Have you forgotten the near annihilation of the American Indians? Or those signs people used to display reading: “No dogs or Irishmen allowed”? Or the interning of the Japanese during World War II? Or the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter protesters who declare they hate white people and want to kill them? Or the Muslims living in the US who cry “Death to America” and shoot and bomb innocent people simply because they don’t like us?

      The American people chose Mr. Trump as their president and Republicans weren’t the only ones supporting him. Many Democrats voted for him because the alternative was a crooked, incompetent, pathological liar, who had no better sense than to send sensitive information over private servers; and warmonger, who voted for the invasion of Iraq (which destabilized the Middle East) and instigated the invasion of Libya that resulted in further destabilization of the Middle East and the deaths of four noncombatant Americans.

    • yaleyeah

      Clearly you missed Trumps New Deal For Black America speech. He’s promised to do what 50 years of Democrats running urban cities has failed to do and that is actually start solving the problems in these cities. You can’t point to a single thing Obama did for Chicago that helped the young black males in that city. Just take a look at the body count every weekend. That’s not compassion — it’s hypocrisy.

    • Jawaralal_Schwartz

      Agree w your characterization of the person. But he’s the only president we got. Next erection in four years. We need to root for a successful administration by coming together.

    • Bananarama

      So much butthurt. You liberals only think “your choice” is the “right” choice. But you sure as hell were not crying when the DNC was against Bernie. Fail.

    • beyond partisan

      Pot, meet kettle. YOU are the hater, my friend.

      • Amal Thaon

        That was so obvious to the winning majority. The losing minority were those dividing the nation into Identity Political Problems to be solved by throwing VAST amounts of money into them. The tactic didn’t work. The male plutocrat knew the American voters better than the female plutocrat because the only workers she knew she fired! (Americans have long memories when it comes to choosing their banks); Hillary would speak for anybody who gave her the most cash); she said so. American banks, eh; but foreign nations? on her State Department junkets? Maybe Americans are forgetting who they are because so many foreigners are telling them what being an American is. Well, Number 1: Being American is not being a foreigner; 2: … is not rioting at the will of the people; 3: … is not being a whiny little brat demanding more unearned “entitlements” like acting like a brat in public. Disgraceful! Yale will never live this down. Berkeley will never live it down. Boston Common will be salted like Carthage! Never, truly, as the nation been so insulted — first by Hillbillies from Arkansas (at least Americans), then by foreigners from anywhere, and, now, by aliens from nowhere! There only defense is that they haven’t yet learned how to be Americans. Well LEARN HOW. Sorry …! Back to your flag conflagrations and your bra burning. Those who pay for you didn’t mean to interrupt your spending spree with our money.

    • doberdad

      Btw, if you want to see vulgar, what did you think of the basket of deplorables, the needy Hispanics and the dumb democrats remarks by your demigod. Your own hatred blinds you so badly you cant even seen two feet in front of you. You also have no respect for the almost 40 states that didn’t want a murderous lying thief for a President. Mr masters degree, what does that make you?

    • RDRR

      WAAAAHHH!!! Pathetic child…..

    • Thomas the Tout

      Simple solution – divorce him – go and pledge your loyalty to some other Govt, and renounce American citizenship. If you will not accept him as your President, you cannot be his citizen

      • Amal Thaon

        tnac: the essence of democracy is to accept the majority’s opinion — whether our majority was right about Trump shall be seen; but they were NOT wrong about Hillary Rodham Clinton or her brother in Haiti nor her pay-for-play trusts, nor her aggrandizing husband. They were tested in the trenches, and found wanting. The minority, not the majority of American voters were bad losers. That means that the good winners have no obligation to be good. Remember that when you get your butt kicked and somersault over the wall into Mexico someplace.

  • Francisco Bruno

    Are you serious? A “primal scream organized by the Freshman Outdoor Orientation Leaders”? Freshman Outdoor Orientation Leaders? F.O.O.L.?
    It must be a joke; but, if it’s not, I’d say that de “happening” was organized by the right people.

    • Dont Askme

      These pathetic pansies heard OUR primal scream on election day and they are now quivering in fear and cowering in their mums basement because no one has ever told them NO before. Cheers!

  • roccolore

    A cowardly “professor” said that his exam was optional because of some snowflakes.

  • safeplanet

    You students are living in an echo chamber. If you did your due diligence, you would have found that the IBD-TIPP Poll had Trump up by 2 points the day before and the day of the election. You listen to your left-wing profs and take their words as the truth..you shout down any dissenting voices on the right. You are all sissies and will never survive in the real world—the only “safe spaces” will be mommy and daddy’s basement.

  • Sharky66

    Go to your safe spaces, snowflakes. Run, run quickly.

    You might also want to visit the Wizard of OZ you all will need some courage for life beyond the hand holding walls of Yale.

  • guy guy

    Dear student(s) who supposed Trump but don’t want to identify yourselves for fear of backlash….

    Speak out and be proud. You’ll find that the world beyond the ivory tower bubble will happily accept you.

  • equal_rights_for_all1

    What? Computer projections inacurate? Perhaps the elaborate computer models for global warming might not be as rock-solid accurate as students think, either. But little kids are gullible and want to be praised by their teachers so they will believe anything-despite the facts in front of them.

    • yaleyeah

      These are the same computers they’re using to predict global warming. They just borrowed them for the election.

      • Amal Thaon

        Too funny. Satire is so often the truth! For every meme Yale has a team. Ha-ha, bah-bah-bah.

  • Chingadero

    Let me ask you precious souls a question… Why do you think Trump won? Answer: Because a LOT of people were disappointed, scared, and unsure of the direction our country would take under Clinton, looking at the past 8 years of Obama.

    Works both ways, snowflakes. Good thing is you’ll be waiting til you are in your 50’s to make a difference in the Supreme Court. BWA hahahahahaha!

  • T Brogan

    What is best in life?” “To crush your enemies — See them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women!” – Conan the Barbarian

  • AprilRT

    Is it true what someone named John Victor tweeted about some professor giving his students optional mid terms. I just have to ask.


    • Nancy Morris

      That is an entirely distorted version of what Jon Victor did, and Fox News should be ashamed of themselves for that report. He had a lot of students tell him without identifying themselves politically that they were UP LATE on election night and DIDN’T HAVE TIME TO STUDY for the exam. It had nothing to do with people being “too upset” by Trump’s election. Prof Victor made the exam optional FOR EVERYONE because of the widespread sleep deprivation and disruption in studying. But almost everyone in the class took it anyway. Here’s a link to his Washington Post column explaining what really happened:


      I don’t have sympathy for partisan snowflake shenanigans, but that’s not what was going on in that chemistry class.

  • valutrap

    How pathetic.

  • Art Imhoff

    This was hilarious. Pure emotion!

  • Jim Wiggs

    Oh, that is just delightful; I am bookmarking that video and downloading a copy, to boot.

    Always nice to have something to watch for a laugh after a rough day at work.

  • mary ward

    You are pathetic and need to grow up.

  • Paula

    What kind of education is being offered at Yale? What a pathetic bunch of pansies! How are you students ever going to face the real world if you throw temper tantrums when you don’t get your way? You all are acting like a bunch of idiots and the rest of the nation is laughing at you! Yale University shame on you for allowing students to act like a bunch of morons! So this is the type of educated adults that Yale produces? A 3 year old has more common sense.

    • ldffly

      Yes, the administration aids and abets. It is scandalous.

    • Amal Thaon

      You insult pansies! Yale now attracts screaming nellies! They have become the trigger warnings they demand and the unsafe space they deserve. They can’t even signal their virtues! I feel sorry for New Haven’s having to put up with them.

  • beyond partisan

    Yikes, that demonic sounding scream sounded like damned souls in the pits of hell. On the side of love and light, you haters of Trump are not.

    Hillary actually killed many innocent people with her Middle Eastern meddling and wanted even MORE regime change and a war with Russia with her Syrian no-fly zone plans, but I guess these days, as long as a Wall Street funded establishment warmongering politician is a Democrat and a member of some victim group (female, black, gay, etc.) then starting new wars is A-OK with the “love and light” crowd.

    Grow up.

  • Paula

    If you don’t like who America voted for our President Elect then leave the USA. nobody is making you stay here. Move to another country or stop your whinning.

    • Jawaralal_Schwartz

      Paula, have u ever been in a men’s locker room?

  • Paula

    Really pathetic. Yale should not allow their students to act this way. It reflects bad on their school.

  • Paula

    These crybabies make Yale look really bad! Who would want to attend Yale University after seeing all the crybabies on the news. The whole country is laughing.

  • Marie

    These students should get jobs and join the real world. Idiots. Go to college to get stupid.

  • Jawaralal_Schwartz

    When I saw students squatting in the quad, I knew something was up, but up where? Hillary had been found out, with the help of lame and weak campaign management that paid itself handsomely and had been literally claiming victory for the prior week.

    • Amal Thaon

      Creating campaigns is like a wedding and honeymoon; the wife makes millions, the husband is disappointed, and divorce is in the air. But aha! She spent 4 times what he did — and he got the house! Indeed both houses! Eli guys: get smart. Marry dumb, beautiful, and rich; that lets Wellesley, Brown, and Vassar girls out, no? Oh, and add cooking to the recipe — and all but Johnson & Wales is left! Better yet: move to Boston or NY and be ‘unavailable’ for more than 24 hours at a time.

  • disqus_eEbPU3IGDU

    Yale was founded by Protestant Christianity. Unfortunately, the Yale community no longer believes in Christianity, so the Democratic Party has replaced Protestant Christianity as Yale’s religion. Although the members of the Yale community pose as independent and open-minded thinkers, most of them are like Pavlov’s dogs. All the Democratic Party has to do is ring a bell, and most of the Yale community get up on their hind legs and start salivating.

  • John H. Gleason

    This year, as in prior presidential election years, Rasmussen, Investors Business Daily, and the USC Daybreak Poll were very good. All the other polls were pretty bad. Next time around, we may want to focus on the three above-names polls, and disregard all others.

  • Brian Wimborne

    It is not surprising that university and college students reverted to wailing about Trump’s victory. Most young people are natural socialists; only when they mature do they realise that support for socialism is a vote for totalitarianism. Unfortunately, however, some never mature.

  • Amal Thaon

    How Yale could ignore Hillary Clinton’s egregious proven faults (taking $200M from Haiti after it was all-but destroyed), and fastening all these faults onto Trump without proving any but his legal tax breaks, only demonstrated that the Elite and Effete don’t know how we peasants eat: NOT MUCH. So go cry in your oyster bisque. Oh, and PS: Chuck Gender Studies, as Milo suggests! Imposing Yale’s gender dysphoria on the rest of the country ain’t gonna woik.

    • Mark Holleran

      What would I know? I received my degree from a Jesuit University, where lying is still frowned upon. May the proverbial “have a nice day” be upon ALL the lying, cheating, thieving Clinton’s. 😉😚

  • Mark Holleran

    Breaks my heart, lol.