I ordered a pastel-pink dinosaur onesie the other day. To the adult eye, my purchase may seem completely age-inappropriate. But to those who understand the intricacies of a great tailgating wardrobe, such a purchase is nowhere near out of the ordinary.

Tailgating season has officially commenced here at Yale. Whether cheering against Colgate, Princeton or the infamous Harvard, it is always important to dress our best. But what makes a great tailgating wardrobe?

1. Might as well start with the onesie. Every tailgate has its fair share of party animals, determined to make the Yale Bowl their personal zoo in head-to-toe synthetic fabric. Leopards and tigers and giraffes, oh my! But onesies aren’t just cute: They’re extremely practical. First off, they make getting dressed super easy. You just slip one on and you’re good to go! No muss, no fuss. They’re also extremely good insulators, keeping their wearers warm and cozy. Paired with white Converse, this fuzzy option is always a safe and fun one.

2. I’m telling you now: Invest in a fanny pack. They’re the most helpful of accessories. You don’t have to worry about putting your purse down or getting pick-pocketed. All of your valuables are right there on your waist. Now, yes, this look has the potential to make you look like a dorky tourist. But fear not — there are now fashionable fanny packs. From hot pink to polka dot to tie-dye, they come in an array of colors. And you can even buy ones with your sorority letters on them! They’re convenient and trendy; what’s not to love?

3. Your dermatologist will be thanking me for explaining this next trend: bucket hats. You cannot go wrong with this one. They may be ridiculous, but honestly they’re the cherry on top of any outfit. Remember, tailgating fashion isn’t about looking good; it’s about creating a fun ensemble! The more out of the box, the better. And customized bucket hats are double the fun: They also protect your face from UV rays! Keeping your skin flawless and your outfit fabulous, they’re the perfect tailgating piece.

4. Sunglasses are a must. They can range from funky to oversized to classic. Anything is a go! They, too, are not just fashion statements. They help in the UV-protection department as well. And tailgates can get especially sunny. You don’t want to be squinting in all of your pictures!

5. Face tattoos and gemstones spice up any tailgating ensemble. They’re a great way to incorporate school spirit as well. Placing a few blue stones at the corners of your eyes can look especially cool. And you can’t go wrong with a big Y tattoo on one of your cheeks.

6. For the bolder tailgater, a tutu over leggings can be a go-to ensemble. Although not practical in the colder months, this outfit is just ridiculous enough to be perfect for such an occasion. I recommend a blue or white tutu; always stick with school colors!

7. For the newer tailgater, a Hawaiian shirt with leggings is a safe choice, simple yet fun. You’ll feel dressed up enough, but not too out-there. Even add a lei to make the outfit more on theme!

8. Most importantly, wear comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. You will be standing for a while and who knows what people will spill on you! Sneakers can be ideal in this situation.

Now you have no excuse to stay at home during a Saturday football game. Go out and support our Yale athletes and, most importantly, look great doing it!