Currently, America is not characterized as a nation of success and prosperity but rather as a nation where frustration permeates all facets of society. Everyone is frustrated and angry. Today, this discontent manifests in politics.

Looking at politics more closely, you realize the challenge is not that the problems facing our country are insurmountable, but rather that the people tasked with attempting to solve the issues are not willing to do what it takes. Cutting through the red tape can be an impossible task.

The traits that current politicians bring to the table have not been serving the citizens of our country well. So looking to the next debate, we must analyze what traits the candidates have that would serve our country well.

Donald Trump’s good traits will not appeal to everyone, especially at Yale. But he is willing to engage in topics that our current politicians refuse to acknowledge or actually try to fix. And he’s doing the work it takes to cut through the red tape.

One of the biggest criticisms people have of Trump is rooted in the fact that he doesn’t sugarcoat things, which a lot of people can’t handle. A lot of establishment people are not used to his rhetoric, but we should listen. Trump’s choice of words can be hard to hear only because they are not “politically correct.”


While Trump might have an attitude that many Yalies don’t like, his intentions regarding the overall success of our country are worthwhile. When Donald Trumps says he is going to try to fix something, you know he fully intends to tackle the problem.

Going into the next debate, I encourage you to look for Trump’s intentions, not his explicit plans or the words he uses to describe the plans. Listen to what he’s actually trying to accomplish. He might not use language you love to hear, but he’s saying things of incredible value.

Keep focused on what the debate is actually about. What is going on right here and right now to Americans is the most important thing to consider in the upcoming election. That’s how democracy works.

Consider what Trump says about America and what Hillary says about America. Ask yourself honestly if you’re hearing a sugarcoated answer, or if deep down, you know you’re hearing grains of truth.

I encourage you to, with an open mind, look for the candidate who will answer questions clearly. Someone honest, who speaks from the heart and tells the truth. And that someone, to me, is Trump.

Karina Kovalcik is a senior in Silliman College. Contact her at .

Illustration by Julia Shi.