Happy Birthday, Yale. Celebrating Yale’s 315-year history, Founders Day festivities will be held throughout the day today with an event on Cross Campus at 11:30 a.m. Other events include various tours, open houses and drop-in visits by University President Peter Salovey.

A kerfuffle. Following a speech by Jackson Institute Fellow Dennis Ross at the Kansas City Public Library in May, a man was arrested after asking questions about “state-sponsored terrorism.” The news only recently broke after police insisted on pressing charges.

It’s your imagination. According to a study recently published by Yale researchers Eitan Hersh and Matthew Goldenberg, doctors’ party views significantly affect their treatment methods on politically polarizing issues like marijuana and abortion.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY. 1990 The New Haven Police Department confiscates roughly $50,000 worth of cocaine and $25,000 in cash. During the week, police made 11 drug-related arrests, with suspects believed to be connected to the Red Star cocaine group.