Robbie Short

Imagine never again having to worry about coordinating the perfect outfit for an interview, internship or business obligation. Imagine being able to access an impressive collection of women’s designer work attire at a fraction of the retail cost. Imagine looking your best no matter what stage you are at in your career. You do not have to imagine. Welcome to Suited.

Founded by Yale School of Management students Kristine Rivera SOM ’17 and Laura Pinkham SOM ’17, Suited, the latest destined-to-be-great fashion startup, makes the perfect outfit for any professional engagement immensely accessible, convenient and affordable. Unlike other clothing subscriptions available, Suited exclusively offers women’s workwear — the first of its kind.

Pinkham radiated, “We’re really passionate about empowering women, and we are so inspired by the amazing women here at Yale as well as so many of the women we have worked with in our careers. We truly recognize how a distinctively right outfit can impact one’s confidence in the workplace.”

The concept behind Suited evolved from both Pinkham’s and Rivera’s own professional experiences. Before her time at Yale, Rivera worked for a distinguished consulting firm whose dress code was continuously adapting to mirror that of their various clients.

Rivera remarked, “It would have been incredible to tailor my wardrobe to accommodate differing clients without having to continuously expand it. I wish I had the ability to access aspirational brands and stylish outfits fitted for any work obligation.”

Pinkham elaborated on additional frustrations, “I knew having a great outfit was really important to my confidence. When I was promoted in my career before Yale, I was attending board as well as client meetings in a more senior role. I knew I wanted to look great for those occasions, but I didn’t really have the budget to be buying all of the designer stuff I desired. The whole process of planning ahead, shopping, dry cleaning, styling outfits, was really stretching to me when I was also trying to do my job.”

Exclusive to Yale’s campus, from Oct. 3 until the Oct. 14, undergraduate women have the unique opportunity to take advantage of selecting from Suited’s expansive range of flattering and fashionable business attire. Their collection encompasses pencil skirts, suit ensembles, blouses, cardigans and dresses in exceptionally desirable brands such as J.Crew, Diane von Furstenberg and Calvin Klein. All at merely fractions of retail values and dry cleaned to perfection. Students are invited to simply visit their website,, where they can arrange for a time to view the collection in person and even be assisted in styling an empowering outfit that meets their personal as well as professional needs. Customers will then have the option to select how long they want to rent the pieces and if they would like them delivered for a future engagement or prefer to take them home that day. Following the closure of their pop-up store, the online platform will take over operations from Oct. 24 until Nov. 4 exclusively for Yale undergraduates.

Suited’s presence on campus extends even beyond Rivera and Pinkham with their current student ambassadors: Miranda McKay ’17, Maya Rodriguez ’19, and Lexi Henkel ’17 — who could not be more excited about the possibilities this startup presents.

McKay noted, “This is such a unique concept that caters extremely well to Yale’s campus because we have a large presence of recruiting events.” When beginning the recruitment process, she owned no business attire and consequently found herself overwhelmed with multiple weekly information sessions as well as interviews. She continued, “Something like this would’ve been so helpful for my specific case, and I feel like this fits the description well of many other young women on this campus.”

Rodriguez explained how Suited presents an ideal solution for students to avoid investing in costly interview outfits or even entire new work-appropriate wardrobes.“This is especially incredible for young women who are even just investigating different career paths and unsure what direction they want to pursue,” she remarked.

Henkel echoed with positivity that even though other clothing subscriptions have been extremely successful, until now no option has existed for women’s professional wear. She stated, “I think even the space of women’s workwear is evolving so much. Many women do not want to wear a simple pantsuit everyday, but instead desire to integrate some variety. This service makes it possible for every woman, even those at the undergraduate level, to have a business wardrobe that confidently reflects their personal style.”

Suited already has plans to venture beyond Yale’s campus to begin servicing young female professionals in New York City, and begin assisting residents in other cosmopolitan areas. As their company continues to flourish, Pinkham and Rivera are eager to incorporate even more pieces into their catalogue, especially those sourced from premium designer labels. Suited’s convenience, affordability and empowerment are factors that have prompted significant customer interest across Yale’s campus and beyond, but what may be most impressive about this venture is Rivera, Pinkham, as well as their student ambassadors. Collectively, their fervent desire to help women become more confident in everyday life and thrive to their fullest potential in professional settings are certain to inspire others.