A month after the former chapter of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at Yale revoked its charter with the national organization and adopted the new name Leo, the fraternity is now pledging to restructure its constitution and foster a healthy fraternity culture that better resonates with the values of the Yale community.

“The members of Leo want Yale to offer a safe residential, social and sexual climate for everyone — this is a pillar around which we will build our organization and a goal we will continuously strive towards,” Leo President Henry Iseman ’18 wrote in a June 7 post on Facebook.

While concrete developments are still in the making, Iseman mentioned in his post that all future Leo events will have sober supervisors and include at least one female bartender. Leo will also cover fraternity dues for current and new members with financial constraints.

Additionally, Leo seeks to establish a fraternity-specific sexual assault awareness and prevention program in partnership with organizations such as the Communication and Consent Educators and Unite Against Sexual Assault at Yale. According to Iseman’s post, Leo’s initiative will go beyond existing CCE training to equip members with a comprehensive education about sexual misconduct and responsible behavior. Iseman stressed that fraternity members, who are often in control of physical spaces during social hours at Yale, should receive the additional training.

According to Helen Price ’18, USAY’s co-founder and co-director, the curriculum will be based on a workshop on masculinity, group behavioral dynamics and consent that USAY developed in the fall for new members of every fraternity, including Leo. The feedback from the workshop has been “incredibly positive,” Price said, and USAY will be using and extending this program to develop a curriculum for all Leo members.

“It’s a very positive and encouraging step for [Leo] to take — they seemed very genuine when they reached out and I hope other fraternities will follow their lead,” Price said.

The fraternity is currently soliciting community input as it develops these initiatives.