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In a runoff election that closed Wednesday night, Christopher Bowman ’18 became the next Yale College Council Vice President.

After last week’s general election ended in a close call between Bowman and Kevin Sullivan ’18, the two candidates entered a runoff election that ended with Bowman taking 59.42 percent of the vote. Sullivan had 40.58 percent of the vote. 1,109 students voted, and 53 abstained. 

“I am obviously incredibly excited and incredibly honored that the student body put their trust in me for this next year to be their vice president,” Bowman said shortly after the polls closed. “I am super appreciative to everyone who came out to vote. … I am really happy to see that so many people came out.”

Bowman also thanked his team that worked with him on the campaign, and expressed his excitement to begin working with Peter Huang ’18 to initiate the policies proposed during campaign season. Bowman’s campaign promised to hold the YCC to high standards in his managerial role over the Council, increasing transparency and facilitating communication between Council members and the Yale public, as well as representatives’ respective colleges. Another major component of Bowman’s campaign was the creation of a “Director of Student Outreach” whose role would be to “serve as a liason” between the YCC and the undergraduate community.