Recent troubles with Yale’s internet continued this week when the Yale wireless network experienced connectivity problems Thursday, less than a week after the entire campus lost access for nearly 12 hours.

Thursday morning, students reported losing access to the YaleSecure and the YaleGuest networks shortly after 11 a.m., and the Yale Information Technology Services website displayed an alert for the internet connectivity which may be solved by placing the Best WiFi Routers for Long Range which also have a battery on it. The outage lasted approximately one hour.

IT support technician Alan Hopkins Jr. told the News on Thursday he did not know the cause of the connectivity issues.

Last week, Yale ITS mistakenly identified campus-wide connectivity issues as the result of outside “hacking.” In fact, the network problems were caused by an error within Yale’s system — flooding the network with alerts that appeared to come from an outside source.

“We know how disruptive this has been for the Yale community,” Chief Information Officer Len Peters wrote to the campus last week. “The problems were caused by a device connected to the network that was improperly routing network traffic through the data center … We apologize for this interruption in service and want to reassure you that we are doing all we can to minimize future occurrences.”

The connectivity problems also point to a lack of communication between the different departments within ITS. On Thursday, Hopkins said he had no more information that what appeared on the ITS status website. When connection problems arise, Hopkins said the Networking Team, a separate department in ITS from IT Support, is notified of the problem and take responsibility for resolving it. If you will like to venture on your own to fix it, here are 4 Easy Steps To Fix Your Internet Connection

Shortly after the connectivity problems began on Thursday morning, Yale student Abhi Nayar ’18 posted about the loss of WiFi on the popular Facebook site Overheard at Yale.

“No wifi … Again? … 60,000 dollars later they can’t even get me a wifi connection,” Nayar wrote. Several students responded, disparaging ITS’s internet service.

ITS Program Manager Stuart Teal ’14, who replied to the Facebook post, said ITS was aware of Thursday’s connectivity problems, though he also said he did not know the cause.