At Yale, there are many annual happenings to which you can look forward: spring fling, Halloween, your last final. But tonight, the Yale community will be treated to an event that trumps them all: a performance by the Professors of Bluegrass.

That’s right — the bluegrass band for which University President Peter Salovey, alongside several other members of the Yale community, plays will perform an opening set at the College Street Music Hall in New Haven this evening.

Anticipation is high, and the band is getting ready.

“We often have a marathon practice session just before playing in public to see which songs still sound good enough to subject an audience to them,” Salovey said.

While some members of the band play with other groups, Salovey explained that The Professors of Bluegrass are generally able to perform once per year — perhaps twice if they can manage to get together.

That can be difficult because of Salovey’s increasingly hectic schedule. Since the group was founded in 1990, he has served as dean of the graduate school, dean of Yale College, University Provost and University President. Even as his portfolio and profile have grown, however, Salovey has not relinquished his commitment to the band.

Now, the group is looking forward to its upcoming concert. But don’t let their excitement fool you — the setting of a concert could always be more chill.

“Our favorite opportunities are when we are invited to play at a summertime bluegrass festival,” Salovey said.