Director of Yale Health Paul Genecin appointed Howard Blue to the newly-created position of Deputy Director of Mental Health and Counseling at Yale Health last Friday.

In a statement, Genecin said that Blue will have a prominent role in working with colleagues across the Yale campus to increase awareness of mental health issues and shape programs to address diversity and inclusion for Yale students.

“[Blue] is well known for his work in the field of racial and ethnic identity and has long experience in teaching trainees and clinical colleagues about the impact of culture and diversity in mental health,” Genecin said.

Genecin said that Blue’s new role will involve collaboration with Director of Mental Health and Counseling Lorraine Siggins in overseeing departmental operations and developing new programs and initiatives. He added that Blue will continue to work with students on the MH&C advisory committees and to work as a see patients at MH&C.

Blue has served as associate chief psychiatrist of Mental Health and Counseling at Yale Health and as an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine since 1993.