A new CrossFit gym will arrive in Science Park just in time for New Year’s fitness resolutions.

University Properties announced last week that CrossFit Science Park will be the newest addition to a slate of residential and retail offerings the University has brought to the development area. The gym will provide new fitness options to the Yale and New Haven communities — including group workout classes, yoga and personal training. CFSP is slated to open in Science Park in early December, according to co-owner Trish Cleary.

“We are committed to providing education and training in fitness, nutrition and lifelong health, and we are excited to bring that to our friends in New Haven,” Cleary said in a statement.

Cleary, who is also the head coach of the gym, will work with an investor, a programming designer and three other coaches to run CFSP. To kick off the gym’s opening, CFSP is offering a “Founders Club” deal, which offers one free month of classes for the first 50 people who sign up. She said that over 20 people had already registered on the website. Cleary added that she aimed to have 200 registered gym members within the first six months of CFSP’s operations.

Cleary stressed that the gym is open to all community members, including Science Park employees, Yale students and faculty, and nearby residents of the recently opened Winchester Lofts apartments.

As part of CFSP’s community outreach, the gym will offer free classes for “underprivileged honor roll students” from the ages of 12 to 17, Cleary said.

Cleary, who began participating in CrossFit three years ago, chose to establish the gym in Science Park because of the recent housing development in the area, she said. She noted the 3,000 people who work in the area, adding that the gym was accessible to employees and students who use the University shuttle system to reach Science Park.

But some students interviewed were hesitant about going to CFSP, citing lack of accessibility as a factor.

“I don’t think I would be inclined to go to CrossFit if it is farther than Payne Whitney Gym,” Carleen Liu ’16 said.

Still, others highlighted the benefits of the gym.

Eden Murray ’18 said that CrossFit is a good option for non-athletes and athletes alike. Murray said that students could easily incorporate CrossFit as a study break or a stress reliever, given that most of its workouts last less than half an hour.

Cleary stressed that CFSP accommodates gym-goers of any fitness level because the workouts can be tailored to individuals. She added that gym-goers can develop a support system through group workouts.

CrossFit is able to work in tandem with other gyms because its unique program offers training that members need to succeed in other sports, Cleary said. She intends to partner with a nearby rock-climbing gym to offer discounts, she added.

“[CrossFit] is expensive, but you pay for what you’re getting,” Cleary said. “You get a lot of personalized attention and help with training, nutrition and lifestyle. [CrossFit is] almost like a personal trainer, so if you think about it you can’t even put a price on that.”

CFSP will be located at 310 Winchester Ave.