A New Haven police car struck 45-year-old La Tanya Autry as she was crossing the intersection of High Street and Chapel Street at 1:08 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. New Haven Police confirmed that video surveillance indicates Autry was outside of the crosswalk at the time of the collision.

According to a press release from New Haven Police spokesperson David Hartman, “The Officer had a green signal and the right of way. The Officer, thankfully, was making his turn from a full stop at the intersection and was not traveling quickly. He was not responding to a call and did not have his siren or emergency lights on.”

Hartman said in the press release that Autry has been found at fault for unsafe use of a highway by a pedestrian. He added that the officer wasn’t injured, and the car sustained no significant damage.

Law enforcement officers have blocked off a section of Chapel Street, between High and York, in response to the collision. The car that hit Autry remained inside of the sealed area more than an hour after the initial incident.

Christopher Bowman ’18, who witnessed the aftermath of the incident, said the woman remained on the ground for approximately ten minutes in front of the stationary police car — well beyond the related crosswalk.

Police officers at the scene of the collision originally reported that Autry was struck at 1:12 pm, but this time was updated in the police’s press release to 1:08 pm. Autry was taken to Yale-New Haven Hospital in an ambulance soon after the accident. According to Hartman, she sustained injuries on her leg and arm and is being treated “for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.”

Amanda Bosland ’19, who observed the incident from outside of the Yale University Art Gallery, said paramedics arrived within five minutes of the incident, adding that the scene grew chaotic almost immediately.

“She was screaming and people were running over,” Bosland said.

Autry is the Marcia Brady Tucker Fellow at the YUAG.