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Lexi Henkel ’17, Greenwich, Connecticut

Hey Yalies! Gossip Girl here, and I have the biggest news ever. Absolute perfection is an understatement when describing Lexi Henkel; just ask Nate Archibald. The producers of “Gossip Girl” confirm she was not cast in the series because her fashion sense, intellect and beauty would’ve sent Blair Waldorf into a conniption. Not to mention, Waldorf gets rejected from Yale *gasp*. If you can pull yourself away from your daydreams of approaching Henkel and uttering “three words, eight letters; say it and I’m yours,” you can appreciate her perfectly coordinated outfits worthy of Page Six.

One of my sources confirms Henkel remarked on her budding fashionista years that she couldn’t take any credit for her style growing up: “My mom certainly made sure I was the best-dressed toddler at my preschool. I showed up to school in a smock dress and matching bow every day, without fail. In the summer, I went to the beach looking like a huge diva, in a cute bikini, sarong, wedged flip-flops, sunglasses and a matching purse.” Due to an early-instilled sense of polished style, Henkel credits her mother as her “ultimate fashion confidant.”

Another source caught her regarding Kate Middleton as her fashion idol: “I love her timeless, but current and fresh look.” Interestingly, I just received an anonymous tip that Prince William was recently spotted on the palace steps crying in agony that he was merely settling for Middleton, and in love with the girl who emulates his wife’s style better. Could this be true? Or is it just Little J up to her devious ways? One thing is certain: if Henkel did star in “Gossip Girl,” viewers would’ve heard in the series premiere, “Spotted — Chuck Bass losing something nobody even knew he had. His heart.” xoxo

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Isiah Cruz ’17. Union City, New Jersey

With a fashion sense described as urban luxury, and outfit selections influenced by the icon Kanye West, it’s no wonder Yeezus is debuting a remix to his song “Amazing” to describe Isiah Cruz. “It’s amazing, [Isiah’s] the reason, everybody fired up this evening…” Cruz remarked, “I wouldn’t say I always had great style, but I definitely paid attention to it and it’s always distinguished me.”

While you can usually spot this maven on campus showcasing minimalist color schemes, long-cut tops, slim chinos or jeans, Chelsea boots and a fierce multi-platinum sock game, if his performance ever falls low on the charts, it’s definitely when his laundry hamper gets full. While Cruz delivers hit after hit outfits most days, he did admit his worst fashion decision of all time: “I’ll never forget it. A neon blue graphic tee with a huge stop sign in the center that read ‘Stop Hating’ in graffiti lettering.”

Guess the haters always gonna hate, hate, hate, but unlike Kanye, Cruz only has a fan club. No wonder he saw no long-term use for the tee and rid himself of it. While Cruz occasionally has to help dress Kim so she doesn’t embarrass Kanye, Cruz remarked, “I’ve always been a fan of true, unembellished beauty. Few things make me happier than seeing my girl wearing a long tee of mine, yoga pants and no makeup.” It’s true that few things on campus make girls happier than seeing Isiah Cruz wearing a tee of his and no makeup as well. His fashion reign is as far as your eyes can see.

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Neema Githere ’18, Nairobi, Kenya

The reverend prophet Beyoncé preaches that a “diva is the female version of a hustla.” One sight of Neema Githere and you Knowles the oracle speaks the truth. Githere describes her personal style as “indecisive and unpredictable.” She feels most confident wearing “something bold — be that a crazy pattern, tacky sweater or a piece of statement jewelry.” Has someone put a ring on it? I don’t think so; catch her at Woad’s and you’ll see gloss on her lips and a man on her hips.

On an everyday basis, she likes experimenting — “with patterns, but I also like wearing random athletic things like Adidas or running shorts. It’s all a farce though; I don’t think I’ve stepped foot in a gym while at Yale.” Makes sense. Why would a hustla ever need to work out? Who Run the World? Githere. When she isn’t showing campus her Halo through initiatives such as Yale’s Refugee Project, Yale-Africa and The Globalist, you can catch her scouring the racks of the Salvation Army on Dixwell Avenue for one-of-a-kind pieces. These Irreplaceable finds add to her Flawless look that will last Till the End of Time. She chuckled recounting an occasion when her outfit could’ve benefitted from a Partition, though: “One time I folded a piece of kitenge, a type of fabric that is made in Kenya, into a blouse for Freshman Screw and then it unraveled while I was dancing.” Wonder if she left the dance floor with any singles?

When asked about her favorite designers, she remarked, “I’m not bougie enough for that.” The real question is, who needs a degree when you’re Schoolin’ Life?

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JT Flowers ’17, Portland, Oregon

No matter the season, JT Flowers’ outfits are always blossoming. Need I say more? No.