The News has elected the Managing Board of 2017, which will steer the newspaper through its 138th year.


“As we begin our time at the helm of Yale’s foremost student publication, it is impossible not to feel the weight of over 100 years of pages and ink on our shoulders. It is impossible not to recognize that the stairs inside 202 York St. are worn by the footsteps of those who came before us. But we also understand that the work we produce and the stories we tell will impact future generations of Yalies long after we have gone.”


Editor in Chief: Stephanie Addenbrooke

Managing Editors: Tyler Foggatt, Emma Platoff

Online Editor: Erica Pandey

Opinion Editors: Larry Milstein, Aaron Sibarium

News Editors: Rachel Siegel, Vivian Wang

City Editors: Sarah Bruley, Amaka Uchegbu

Science & Technology Editor: Stephanie Rogers

Culture Editor: Sara Jones

Sports Editors: James Badas, Greg Cameron

Online Sports Editor: Ashley Wu

WEEKEND Editors: Irene Connelly, Caroline Wray, Emily Xiao

YTV: Raleigh Capozzalo, Peter Chung, Rebecca Faust

Magazine: Abigail Bessler, Elizabeth Miles

Copy Editors: Martin Lim, Chris Rudeen, Grace Shi

Production & Design: Mert Dilek, Ellie Handler, Emily Hsee, Tresa Joseph, Amanda Mei, Samuel Wang

Photography Editors: Tasnim Elboute, Julia Henry, Elinor Hills, Irene Jiang, Kaifeng Wu

Illustrations: Ashlyn Oakes

Directors of Web Development: Tony Jiang, Alicia Vargas-Morawetz


Publisher: Joanna Jin

Director of Finance: Eva Landsberg

Director of Advertising: Steven Hee

Director of Communications: Misael Cabrera

Account Executive Managers: Ilana Kaufman, Daniel Smith

Media Manager: Tevin Mickens

Outreach Manager: Julie Slama