Keeping in touch with recent graduates just got easier.

The class of 2015 class list became available to all Yale College students on Thursday through the Yale Office of Career Strategy. Graduates — 1,073, or 92 percent of whom joined the class list — have the option of including their post-graduation email, geographic location, employer or graduate school and Yale College major. Graduates have the option of joining the class list through the First Destination Survey, which is administered by OCS from the spring of the graduates’ senior year to November, six months after graduation.

“I was first introduced to the concept of a class list while I was a director of the Career Development Office at Yale Law School,” said OCS Director Jeanine Dames. “During my time there, I saw that it was an extremely powerful tool for recent graduates to stay connected with one another and also for current students to talk with recent graduates about their job search and their new positions.”

The Yale College class list within began with the class of 2013. All three lists — 2013, 2014 and 2015 — are housed behind password protection in the Document Library in Symplicity and are only viewable by the Yale College community, Dames said.

This year marks the first time graduates will also be invited to join OCS’ Yale Career Network, an alumni database available to current students to help facilitate alumni connections across all Yale schools.

Roughly 100 students who did complete the First Destination Survey chose not to enter their information into the class list, Dames said, adding that some students only chose to include the most basic information, like email and location. For these reasons, Dames said the class list is a poor way to pull aggregate data about the class of 2015.

“It is really a tool for networking purposes and a way for the class to stay connected with one another and current students at Yale,” Dames said.

As the First Destination Survey, which includes the class list, will not close until November, it is possible that the current class list will be updated over the coming weeks. The final class list for 2014 included 1,172 graduates — 95 percent of responders to the First Destination Survey, and the 2013 list included 997 graduates — 93 percent of responders.

Of the seven graduates interviewed, all spoke positively about the class list as a way of staying connected to the broader Yale community. James Batchelder ’15 said he filled out the survey because he wanted to be able to answer questions and act as a mentor for students entering the tech field. However, Batchelder said he is generally suspicious of job placement efforts by OCS, particularly for those in the STEM fields.

Bo Malin-Mayor ’15 said that he filled out the survey because he started to realize the value of networking. But while the list might help some make useful connections, Malin-Mayor added that he feels the list is impersonal. Moreover, he does not plan on referencing the list himself.

Anthony Fumagalli ’15 said that the class list did not help him find other Yalies after graduation or keep up with campus events and news. Fumagalli specifically said the list does not provide information that is specific enough.

“While it does list the names of Yalies and the state they will be in, it does not provide information on a specific area,” Fumagalli said. “This is problematic in states like Texas or California — where I live — as people in LA and San Francisco are separated by hours of driving. It would be better if the class list allowed us the option to provide a city.”

Fumagalli added that a brief email introduction from OCS to Yalies in a common area would have been beneficial.

The class list is alphabetized by graduates’ first names.