Logan Lewis ’19

Washington D.C.

Unlike Harvard, Yale does not publish the names of our fifteen hottest incoming freshman. With such an unbelievably attractive student body, it’s impossible to select merely fifteen members of the class of 2019. However, if Logan Lewis had pursued his education at an inferior institution in Cambridge, Mass., he would undeniably have made their list. When asked about an accessory he cannot live without, he mentioned his white Adidas Sambas; “They’re mad comfortable, easy on the eyes if you’re dressed super casually, and they let me pretend like I’m good at soccer.” Despite this lasting appreciation for Sambas, the shoes once played a role in his greatest fashion faux pas —“Blue Adidas shirt, blue Adidas track pants, special edition blue Adidas Sambas, with three Adidas stripes running from my arms all the way down to my feet. It happened six years ago, but who really has their life together in 7th grade?” It’s rather surprising he did not acquire an Adidas sponsorship after debuting this look. Lewis’ advice: “Know your body and love it, know your complexion (for example there’s no reason my dad with dark brown skin should have worn a dark brown turtle neck to take his passport photo), know your mood, and most importantly, know your personality. That’s not to say you shouldn’t ever go out of your comfort zone, but if you really don’t vibe with something, chances are it’s not going to be a good style for you.” This freshman may be new to campus, but he already has some of the freshest style around.


Emma Hammarlund ’16

Ängelholm, Sweden

Emma Hammarlund is like an image from a Scandinavian fashion blog come to life. She can craft perfectly balanced proportions, professionally utilize artistic principles, and she simply has an innate ability to determine what is aesthetically pleasing. Deeply influenced by Sweden, her style features  minimalistic, geometrical and unisex designs, constructed from monochromatic colors: predominately black, followed by white and grey. Despite her status  as a Yale style icon, she only became more conscious of outfits when she was fifteen years old, and only acquired her unique look during her last year in secondary school.  It’s nearly impossible to imagine it now, but she admits to owning a pair of salmon colored shorts during this period of self-discovery — somewhat of a Swedish fishy situation there. When asked about fashion advice, she said, “I prefer to keep things simple, but if anything, I’d say to always wear things you feel comfortable in because that is when you look the best.” No wonder she doesn’t view comfort and fashion as mutually exclusive; “I try to always wear things I feel comfortable in, without compromising what I think is my style.”


Dixe Schillaci ’18

Zionsville, Indiana

Whether she is working diligently on international development for the Roosevelt Institute, writing for various campus publications, or interning for notable politicians, Dixe Schillaci always steals the fashion spotlight, as she  mixes contrasting patterns and shades within the same color spectrum.” Sophisticated” and a “J. Crew aficionado” are just a few of the terms that describe  her sense of style. Despite the endless outfits worthy of a White Office press conference, Schillaci claims her style did not always rank high in the polls; “There are definitely some scary pictures from middle school. I unfortunately recall a time when I was obsessed with adorning any outfit with a bow.” She graciously offered some style advice: “You should dress what you feel most confident or comfortable in. I think it is important and fun to try different styles and seek the opinions of others every now and then, but always remember that what you wear should express who you are, not someone else.” Schillaci then confessed that she cannot resist a gentleman in a well-fitted suit — lads, start making your way to the tailor now.


Idris Mitchell ’18

Columbia, Maryland

The adjectives debonair, eloquent and charismatic all describe Idris Mitchell. With a mother working in fashion, he acquired an appreciation for sophisticated dressing at a young age: “She has brilliant style, and I like to think I inherited some of those genes.” Of his own fashion sense, he said, “my style pushes towards an urban prep in the sense that, while a traditional prep’s staples include khakis and chinos, I prefer mixing in a good pair of jeans or wearing more non-conventional items. I’m a very big fan of color and feel like fashion design is an art form, so why not expand one’s palette and use of various colors in the same way that an artist or a painter employs various hues and tones?” Despite all Mitchell’s outfits worthy of a menswear catalogue, there is one article of clothing you will not have the pleasure of seeing him don unless it’s October 31st: just mention the name Urkel and he’ll share a story (involving suspenders) almost as delightful as the handsome man himself. When asked about any surprising items of clothing or accessories, Mitchell confessed, “Every single chain, even when I’m in the house.”