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Sarah Eidelson ’12 on Wednesday beat back a primary challenge from Fish Stark ’17, overcoming the most significant hurdle toward a third term as Ward 1 alder.

She now faces a less daunting obstacle in the general election, in the form of Ugonna Eze ’16, a Republican. Ward 1, comprised mainly of Yale students, leans overwhelmingly Democratic, as does New Haven as a whole.

Eidelson received 307 votes in the primary, or 64 percent of the votes cast. The election was characterized by low turnout, with only 483 of the roughly 4,300 residents of the Ward voting. In Eidelson’s last bid for reelection in 2013, nearly 800 residents voted in the general election.

The results were announced shortly after 8 p.m., when polls closed.

Eidelson’s victory follows a major surge in campaigning over the past week. Her campaign, which had been marked by low fundraising and a lack of major events, kicked into high gear in the last days of the election, with Eidelson announcing endorsements from city officials including Mayor Toni Harp, state Sen. Martin Looney, and a majority of the Board of Alders.

Stark raised significantly more than Eidelson for the campaign, bringing in a total of $3,370. Eidelson, in comparison, raised a total of $370.

Both candidates spent the day stationed outside the polling place at the New Haven Free Public Library. Eidelson had a contingent of alders with her, including Ward 22 Alder Jeanette Morrison and Ward 23 Alder Tyisha Walker. Stark was assisted by Ward 26 Alder Darryl Brackeen and Ward 10 Alder Anna Festa.

The campaigns canvassed heavily throughout the day, with teams knocking on doors and encouraging students to vote. Volunteers from both campaigns could be seen in the residential colleges and on Old Campus at various points in the day.