Welcome to the bigs. You’ve finally made it to day one, freshmen. And now it begins. Be warned, however: These years go by quickly, and, before you know it, you’ll be on the other side of the curb, pulling luggage from the cars of freshmen and guiding them up the impossibly high staircases across Old Campus.

Carry on. And a hearty welcome back to those of you who’ve been around long enough to appreciate this gloriously mild weather. Which works out well because CVS seems to be sold out of box fans at the moment.

Gone camping. There’s always something to do during Camp Yale, ranging from the University-sanctioned “Social Activities” to those that are more under-the-radar. Go forth and discover everything that this campus has to offer.    

Stay classy, Yale. Yalies do, however, seem to get just as excited about picking classes as they do about the pre-semester frivolity. Bluebooks line the shelves of the Bookstore, and CourseTable is live. Bear in mind that a draft of your schedule is due on OCS by Sept. 1.

Safety first. Above all, watch out for your personal well-being. Just yesterday, members of the University community received two campus safety alerts from Yale Police Chief Ronnell Higgins, sandwiching a note from Deputy Vice President for Human Resources and Administration Janet Lindner that emphatically warned all to leave their weapons at home.

Gunning for the top. While you were away, two former Elis continued their quest for the presidency. Much as Wharton grad Donald Trump has stolen the show of late, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton LAW ’73 and neurosurgeon Ben Carson ’73 remain active on the campaign trail. Though, according to the results of our survey, the class of 2019 has someone else in mind. Read on to find out who!

Not yet at the bottom. The financial markets, another destination for Yale’s most “driven” alumni, have taken a turn for the worst in the past few days, and Nobel laureate Robert Shiller claims that the worst has yet to come, despite signs of stabilization. “It isn’t over yet,” the Yale economics professor told Fox Business.

Building an empire. Yesterday, New York City’s Empire Hotel played host to an Ivy League Rooftop Summer Social for the Ancient Eight’s recent graduates. But how exclusive could it really have been, if almost 4,000 people attend?

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 2009 Yale Dining discontinues the use of meal swipes at a selection of local restaurants.

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