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After years of serving as the office of the provost, Warner House will see new occupants starting this upcoming academic year.

In an email sent to Yale faculty last Wednesday, Provost Benjamin Polak announced a series of administrative office shifts, which include the relocation of the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School into the space now occupied by the provost on 1 Hillhouse Ave. The reorganization is intended to create a “stronger and more cohesive [Faculty of Arts in Sciences],” in which the Graduate School Dean’s Office will now be in closer proximity to the FAS Dean’s Office, Yale College Dean’s Office and the office of the Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science, Polak wrote. As a result, the Provost’s Office plans to temporarily relocate to 2 Whitney Grove before moving in mid-August to the space vacated by Graduate School Dean Lynn Cooley and her staff in the Hall of Graduate Studies.

“Now that we have reorganized the structure of the FAS, we are reorganizing it physically as well,” Polak said. “This move will bring the Graduate School, figuratively and quite literally, into the center of campus and the center of the FAS.”

This change of addresses comes roughly one year after University President Peter Salovey announced the creation of the FAS deanship, a new administrative role tasked with overseeing matters related to faculty recruitment, appointment, tenure and promotion — duties previously shared among the college and graduate school deans. Following this relocation of offices, FAS Dean Tamar Gendler and her staff will remain in their current space within Warner House, but will now be housed under the same roof as Cooley.

In addition to the changes to administrators’ offices, Polak announced that the University-wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct (UWC) will move to 55 Whitney Avenue from 1 Hillhouse Ave. The McDougal Center and Graduate Student Life offices will remain in HGS, however .

“While the moves will cause some short-term disruption, in the long term the result will be a stronger and more cohesive FAS,” Polak said. He added that more information regarding the logistics of the changes will be posted on the websites of each office affected by the changes.

Warner House, then called Cloister Hall, was constructed in 1888 and previously served as home of the Book and Snake Society.