After a seven-month search for a fourth sorority, Yale Panhellenic has announced that Alpha Phi will come to campus next fall.

Earlier this month, Chi Omega and Alpha Phi were invited to campus to present their bids to become Yale’s fourth sorority. The two organizations emerged from a pool of nine sororities that responded to Yale’s original solicitations in January.

The selection committee, comprising students, University representatives and members of the three existing sororities’ national organizations, voted last Thursday night to extend the offer to Alpha Phi after weighing factors such as local alumnae base, new member programming and support from the national organization of each sorority.

Yale Panhellenic Council President Emily Luepker ’16 said Alpha Phi’s success in starting a new chapter at Harvard three years ago was a major reason for the committee’s decision. She also cited the organization’s desire to ensure that a chapter at Yale would be tailored to the interests of students.

“They’re very committed that the chapter that they help grow here is a Yale chapter,” Luepker said.

At the sorority’s presentation, Alpha Phi International President Deana Gage said the organization is willing to take recommendations from Yale Panhellenic about how best to proceed with growing a new chapter.

“We know that we don’t know Yale like you know Yale,” Gage said. “We’ll look to you to provide advice, and together we can build a chapter that we can all be proud of.”

In the fall, Alpha Phi will send representatives from the national organization to recruit sophomores, juniors and seniors for its charter class. Freshman will then be able to join during the formal rush process in January.

The last sorority to come to Yale was Pi Beta Phi in 1989.