This is the end. With this issue, the News concludes production for the academic year. Best of luck with finals, the summer and all else. We’ll see you on the other side.

Farewell. With the University’s 314th Commencement looming, seniors can officially begin feeling sentimental about their Bright College Years. But don’t get too sappy just yet. Senior Week, advertised as “the best week of your life,” kicks off on May 10 with events at all the places you’ll surely miss, notably Box, Bar and, of course, Toad’s.       

Not done yet. After all, Spring Fling is tomorrow. And then, Bang Bang into reading week and exams.

Holi day. Today, the Yale Hindu Students Council is hosting Holi @ Yale, a highly anticipated event that doesn’t get lost in the shuffle, despite everything else that’s going on these days. To experience all the colors, show up at Swing Space at 4 p.m.

The President’s Review. If Yale has ever hosted an event with such a dignified name, we haven’t heard of it. Next Thursday, University President Peter Salovey will join 75 Navy midshipmen and Air Force cadets in the John J. Lee Amphitheater at Payne Whitney, where he will serve as commanding officer to recognize the ROTC program’s contributions to Yale.   

Spring has sprung. For a moment, let’s disregard how cold and windy it was yesterday because, if this Sunday’s Cherry Blossom Festival at Wooster Square doesn’t signify the peak of springtime, then we don’t know what does.

On a Sunday. There may never again be a study break as exciting as the ILoveMakonnen concert at Toad’s on May 3. Everyone’s favorite York Street  dance club will certainly be going “up” that night.    

Grant us peace. The Yale Sustainable Food Program has decided to host a “Lamb Roast & Spring Planting” to celebrate the end of classes at the Yale Farm this afternoon. May the academic gods look kindly upon us for this sacrifice as we enter the thick of finals season.

The return. In case you’re already counting down, residences will open to upperclassmen at 9 a.m. on Aug. 26, which is fewer than 20 weeks from today. Fall classes, meanwhile, start on Sept. 2, when the News will also kick back into gear. ‘Til then.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1986 After several hours of debate, the Yale College Council votes to support the University’s divestment from companies that do business with South Africa.

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