Back to reality. Forgive the juniors stumbling back to campus over the course of this morning, for they know not what they’ve done — Thursday night’s tap events, after all, will forever remain veiled in secrecy. Welcome back to real society, 2016, where the costumes aren’t that colorful and biographies are just the subject of a Gaddis class.     

As expected. On Thursday evening, Business Insider reported that Hillary Clinton LAW ’73 plans to announce her candidacy for the 2016 presidential election sometime this weekend. In doing so, Clinton would join fellow Yalie Ben Carson ’73 in the field. Everyone saw this one coming, but it’s about time things were made official.

In the meantime… As you count down to Election Day for the United States presidency, perhaps whet your appetite by voting in the Yale College Council election — polls close today at 9 p.m. We can’t quite call it your “civic” duty, but  you should do it anyway.         

Night on the town. Tonight is College Night on Broadway, which will wheel out some of the best that New Haven has to offer, all for free: Ashley’s Ice Cream, Yorkside Pizza (okay, that one’s certainly not the best that New Haven has to offer) and Orangeside Donuts. But wait, there’s more: special discounts at nearby stores for students. No word yet on a sale at EmporiumDNA, however.

“We were all born superstars.” Since we’ll never get Lady Gaga for Spring Fling, this partnership will have to do. The pop artist recently announced a collaboration with the University’s Center for Emotional Intelligence in something they’re calling an “Emotion Revolution” to promote general wellness among the nation’s youth.

April Madness. On Sunday, the Asian American Students Alliance will host its annual basketball tournament, pitting teams from its constituent cultural groups against each other. Great moments are born from great opportunity.

Flashback Friday. Morse’s Prohibition Night takes place tonight in the college’s dining hall, where tables will be cleared to make space for the Charleston and swing dancing. We’re told that drinks will be bootlegged out of the Morse common room across the hall.   

Fast Friday. The Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project will convert donated meal swipes into goodwill for the local homeless population today through its spring fast.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1981 School of Management Dean-designate Burton Malkiel, then the head of Princeton’s economics department, visits campus.

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