Seeing other people. On the same day that the University announced that United States Vice President Joe Biden will be speaking at Class Day this year (not a hoax, by the way), some other items on the VP’s upcoming agenda came to light. Biden will pass through the Bay Area this week before attending the Detroit NAACP’s Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner on May 3. The big news, however, was Biden’s selection as the United States Naval Academy’s commencement speaker for the second time in five years.   

Purgatorio. Dante de Blasio, son of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, is among the group of fortunate high school seniors currently saddled with choosing among numerous Ivy League acceptances. On Tuesday, The New York Times profiled the de Blasios as they decide between front-runners Yale and Brown while weighing financial aid considerations.   

And it’s a large group. We’ve already written about Harold Ekeh, who was accepted to every Ancient Eight school last week; but a simple Google search of the term “Ivy League” reveals recent story upon recent story about high school students getting into several Ivy League colleges this year. Bottom line: This happens all the time. Congrats.     

We’ll take it. We’re sure all of you are absolutely devastated about Columbia passing Yale in admissions selectivity this year, but fear not: We’re still second banana to Harvard in at least one regard, according to CollegeRank’s latest publication. The Peabody Museum placed second on the website’s “50 Most Amazing College Museums” ranking, the subject of a Los Angeles Times article on Tuesday.

Keeping up with the Clintons. Pre-empting an entire book on the subject (titled “The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House”), a piece published by Politico yesterday peeked into the lives of Bill Clinton LAW ’73 and Hillary Clinton LAW ’73 during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. And White House staff interviewed didn’t paint a very pretty picture.     

Blow the whistle. Meanwhile, outside the White House gates, former Yale student Oliver Stone will be directing shots of “Snowden,” a film about (who else?) National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden this week.

Thanks for the heads-up. Members of the Morse class of 2016 received an email from their dean’s office informing them (prematurely, it would seem) that next year’s fall registration will take place on Sep. 1. Duly noted.   

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 2013 The Yale Corporation chooses not to initiate any major new budget proposals.

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