Overlooked at Yale. A Wednesday article in the Washington Post revisited conversations between Alexandra Brodsky LAW ’16 and Sabrina Erdely — who wrote “A Rape on Campus,” the since-retracted Rolling Stone story — about sexual assault cases at Yale that Erdely ultimately decided not to include in the piece, according to Brodsky.

Let freedom ring. Today marks the 150th anniversary of General Ulysses S. Grant’s Union victory over Confederate forces at Appomattox. To honor the occasion, bell towers (like our very own Harkness Tower) across the country will ring for four minutes, beginning at 3:15 p.m. Mayor Toni Harp and professor David Blight will be on-hand to make remarks on the significance of the anniversary.  

Tanks for the memories. Now that both the Spring Fling headliner and Class Day speaker have been announced, we can finally begin looking forward to the events themselves. Accordingly, the Yale College Council’s Spring Fling Committee released the festival’s official merchandise — tank tops and t-shirts — online yesterday.

Do it for the bag. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions has begun soliciting help hosting prefrosh for Bulldog Days, which will take place from April 20 through April 22. And in return for shepherding a wide-eyed high schooler (or five) through Yale during those days, you receive… a drawstring bag. Shame — we actually kind of liked the t-shirts they used to give out.

Bridging the gap. Alongside a story on the solidarity among first-generation students at Ivy League schools, The New York Times ran “To Become a Bridge,” a poem written by Travis Reginal ’16 on Wednesday. “I rest in two places,” Reginal says, exploring sentiments seemingly shared by students in the main article. 

Cawlidge Hawkey. Another piece in yesterday’s New York Times, while not explicitly referencing Yale, waxed nostalgic over a topic we’re all very familiar with: the Frozen Four. This year’s rendition in Boston, Mass.,  features Omaha, Providence, North Dakota and… BU (sigh).      

Best on Earth. A screening of the movie “Specieism” will take place this evening in WLH 117. The film takes its inspiration from the question of whether or not mankind, in its place atop the world, is entitled to a “larger variety of moral rights.” Is this what it’s like to be a philosophy major?

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1987 The YCC approves open officer elections, passing the relevant amendment with a 20-to-4 vote tally.

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