After serving for two years on the Yale College Council’s events committee, Amour Alexandre ’17 said she hopes to continue her involvement by making YCC events more accessible to all students as YCC events director.

Having acted as the co-project manager for the 2013 Inaugural Ball and the project manager for the Inaugural Block Party, Alexandre said she to hopes to increase student participation and create more collaboration among student groups on campus. Her vision for how to make this happen, she said, is to create monthly events that directly reflect student interests.

“I work very well with students and am willing to listen to what they want,” Alexandre said.

One of Alexandre’s proposed initiatives is called Yalies’ Choice, which would involve planning events in partnership with student organizations and performance groups of the student body’s choice, which will be determined through surveys. Alexandre said this is a good way to increase student participation in campus events, because they will feel more involved in the decision-making process.

Another one of Alexandre’s initiatives is YCC Collaborate, in which student groups would submit proposals for co-hosting events with the YCC events committee. The committee, she said, would provide support and publicity for one event per month. YCC Reality Checks, another proposal in Alexandre’s platform, would include small, monthly workshops led by professionals. These would offer advice on life skills such as personal finance management, networking and car maintenance, she said.

Regarding Spring Fling, Alexandre said she wants to have athletic representatives on the events committee. Additionally, Alexandre proposes in her platform semesterly meetings with the varsity teams, which she believes would be a good way to collaborate on the scheduling of Spring Fling — which has been a substantial source of contention this year. Alexandre also hopes to give project managers on the events committee more autonomy.

“I would provide the resources and the basic guidelines, but beyond that, the project managers need the creative control,” she said.

Ewurama Okai ’17 said she believes Alexandre has the combination of leadership, creativity and relatability best suited to being a YCC events director. Alexandre’s plans will create a sense of regularity in YCC events, and most importantly, they will allow underrepresented groups on campus the chance to pair up with YCC and expand the reach of an event, Okai said.

“Amour has a substantial body of fresh ideas that will promote cohesiveness of the student body and transparency between those planning events and those participating in them,” said Isaiah Genece ’17, another friend of Alexandre’s.

Alexandre helped plan the “What Would You Do for a Wenzel” event last year and mentors freshmen on the committee with their own events.