All in good faith. Thing just happened to work out such that both Passover and Easter fall on the same weekend this year. As a result, many students will be on their best behavior, attending services and wearing nice clothes — imagine if people at Yale were always this pleasant.   

Not church music. Still, there will be more than a few chances to let loose this weekend. Take the WYBC Ante-Fling party, for example, which will take place tonight at Toad’s. Complete with an open bar and performances from Giraffage, Mitski, Silk Rhodes and Allies, the event is sure to be a change of pace, if nothing else: After all, how often do people do Friday Toad’s?   

Making more music. After announcing her plans to visit campus roughly a month ago, Sara Bareilles has arrived. Bareilles’ composition master class — held by The Shen Curriculum for Musical Theater and the Yale Drama Coalition — is this evening at 5 p.m. Just don’t ask her to write you a love song. 

Mission accomplished. John Kerry ’66 can finally exhale, if for just a moment. Talks between the Secretary of State and Iran’s Mohammad Javad Zarif yielded progress toward the United States’ ultimate goal of dismantling the nuclear program in Tehran. Remember, Yalies always get the job done.

*Sometimes get the job done. Yale politics, meanwhile, are about to kick into overdrive, as campaign season for the Yale College Council has officially kicked off with websites and social media campaigns going live to get things started. You had a good run, Herbert. We’re eager to see how your successor holds up.     

“Neighborhood Party.” Poles, coconuts, benches, fire and food. Somehow, Kasama: The Filipino Club at Yale will combine all of the above into a cultural show, according to promotional materials for its “Barrio Fiesta” event tonight.

Not quite “Midsummer.” Even so, the Korean American Students at Yale and the Korean Graduate Students Association will be collaborating to put on a cultural show of their own: “A Midsummer Night’s Madness.” 

Feeling lucky? Not many items merit this much advance warning, but we figure this one’s important enough: The last day to convert a course from Credit/D/Fail to a latter grade is Monday. Brace yourself for a wave of returned grades this weekend, as many grapple with the decision.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1990 New Haven Mayor John Daniels and University President Benno Schmidt Jr. institute an annual $1.5 million payment from Yale to the city.

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