Yale Daily “News.” In case you haven’t figured it out, Kim Jong Un isn’t actually visiting New Haven as we “reported” yesterday. Thanks for playing along — back to the real stuff.

Shh — it’s a secret. Several juniors are going to be preoccupied tonight doing who-knows-what during the collective debutante that is pre-tap night. Congrats on coming out into society, 2016.

Blue beacon. As part of the Students for Autism Awareness at Yale’s (SAAY) day-long campaign for World Autism Awareness Day, Harkness Tower will be lit up in blue come nightfall. Also on tap are discussions with some of Yale’s leading autism researchers and an art exhibition in the Woolsey Rotunda.

First things first. Maybe we should’ve made this the first item here… Anyway, shortly after Ivy Day decisions went out, Business Insider took to Twitter to aggregate screenshots taken by students immediately after getting into the Ancient Eight schools. Yale, with its ever-memorable “Bulldog, Bulldog” clip, was the only school to go beyond the standard “Congratulations” greeting favored by its peers.   

“Happy state of being.” Clearly satisfied with his choice, Kwasi Enin ’18 — who went viral last year for gaining admission to all eight Ivy League schools — resurfaced on Tuesday to update the world on how things have been since he picked Yale over everyone else. The profile also appeared in Business Insider, which just had to milk Ivy Day for all it’s worth.

He’s probably happy. Michael Bilow ’09 is walking away from a four-day run on the popular quiz show Jeopardy! with a cool $96,000. Bilow initially made big news for putting $19,798 on the line during Tuesday’s Final Jeopardy round. The gamble paid off, earning the former math major $57,198 that night, good for the fourth-highest single-game total in show history.    

Think you know it all? In a Wednesday article on Endgadget, psychology professor Frank Keil spoke on his finding that the volume of information available online has made people overestimate  how knowledgeable they really are. Sounds more like a Harvard problem.    

Three days of summer. The Dramat’s Freshman Show, “The Trouble with Summer People,” kicks off today. The name elicits visions of the warm weather and sunshine right around the corner.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1980 More than 100 members of the faculty join to protest mandatory draft registration.

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