Today’s the day. Regular Decisions for the Class of 2019 will be released this evening at 5 p.m. And with the end of the nerve-wracking college admissions cycle comes the start of senior spring for high school students everywhere. Enjoy the peace while you can, 2019: Everyone here hits the ground gunning, despite efforts to pretend otherwise.

Entering the mix. Yesterday, the Yale College Council’s Spring Fling Committee began soliciting student performers to open for and play between St. Lucia, Jessie J and Klingande. It probably won’t be as easy for Harvard to just steal these performers the way it stole Jessie J for Yardfest.          

So disruptive. The Yale Entrepreneurial Institute announced the winners of its $15,000 summer Fellowship on Monday. Soon-to-be incubated projects range from “a high-efficiency, high-power, low-cost LED chip” to “nutritious, tasty, high-protein bean-based snacks.” And they say Yale isn’t innovative.

Proceed to party. “Solo Cups @ Yale,” a Design for America project that matches participants with each other over meals, kicks off Tuesday in the Morse/Stiles dining hall. Given the number of times we’ve seen something like this come up (e.g., pear | yale,… Tinder), it seems that Yalies really like meeting new Yalies.

Toad’$ Place. But in the end, Toad’s is the ultimate place for Yalies to meet new Yalies. Everyone’s favorite night club will host rapper Curren$y in concert tonight. You’ll need $30 of American currency to get in the door.

First, order Chipotle. Such is the universally accepted move in planning a successful event. Yale Mock Trial figured as much and will thus offer free burritos at its LSAT Logic Games Workshop tonight. With events like this, why even bother with PHIL 115?   

Clever enough. Starting at 7 p.m., a group of seniors will present their theses on various topics in food and agriculture in an event called, wait for it, the “Watermelon Forum @ Yale.” Well done, Yale Sustainable Food Program — we can’t top that one.

Small fish, big pond. Yesterday, CTNow reviewed Chapel Street bistro-bar Barracuda. In the article, owner Sonia Salazar described herself as a “small, aggressive fish.” Fittingly, Barracuda has already made waves and is now something of a weekend fixture in its five-month stint on the local scene.      

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 2011 The U.S. Department of Education announces its investigation into a “hostile sexual environment” at Yale.

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