Today was a really big day for me because today I went and ate at a restaurant (good décor, mediocre curtains). I only ever went to a restaurant once, with Mom and Dad (loving parents Amy and William), so this was really a big deal. I was totally independent and on my own (not all it’s cracked up to be).

My first dish, an appetizer of course (know that from when I went with Mom and Dad), scared me at first, but I got over it quickly. It was just food as always. The first bite was delicious through and through. It was Palle Risotti (yes — it’s as hard to pronounce as it looks), which is basically (as the menu reads) breaded Parmesan encrusted risotto croquettes, vodka sauce (woohoo!), with a truffle oil drizzle. I ate it, to say the least. I loved its crusty, warm heartiness, to say the most.

It came time for me to have my entrée (second thing between appetizer [antipasti] and dessert [dolce] {new things I learned on my own}). This was delicious to eat. It was eggplant parmigiana and was spicy but not so spicy that it overwhelmed the other delicate flavors of the dish (lemony and olive oily). Reminded me a lot of that time I went to a restaurant with Mom and Dad because I ordered something that had spices in it back then. Then the waitress poured me some water, which I thought was nerve-wracking. I didn’t know whether to talk to her or just sit there silently. So I did the in-between, which was a faint mumble of “thank you” (it went over just fine).

Lastly, (not firstly because it was last), I had the best dessert of my whole life — even compared to the time with Mom and Dad. That time we had pie but this was instead a plate with cookies, whipped cream and ice cream on it. Which are three things, not just one (like the pie). Three whole things on a plate just for me (Rachel). I ate the whole thing, and I know she didn’t say this (like Mom and Dad would) but I think the waitress was proud of me for finishing my whole plate clean.

I just got off the phone with Mom and Dad. Now I am home (a dorm room with a dorm bed I am sitting on) and just reminiscing (thinking, remembering, pondering, etc.) about that time I went (drove) to a restaurant (Tre Scalini 100 Wooster Ave.) all by myself (made it out alive even haha) and how it started off scary (that antipasto!) but how I didn’t need to be scared by the end because the waitress (the one that was proud of me) was so nice and the food (croquettes, eggplant, and cookies) was so good (or buono [“good” in Italian]). So I learned that I can do almost anything (if I have to), but I don’t think I’ll be going to another restaurant without Mom and Dad anytime soon. Thanks and I hope you (my readers) all (every one of you) go to a restaurant alone (no one with you) just to experience it (but know it is always better with Mom and Dad).