One for the road. Always eager to participate in student life, Dean Marichal Gentry has been known to make cameos in student-produced videos promoting events. True to form, the soon-to-be former Dean of Student Affairs starred in a recent Branford College Council short for Friday’s Crushes and Chaperones dance. “Come,” he said, flashing a wide grin.      

Herbie reloaded? An “Important Announcement” sent around campus yesterday implored students to consider current Yale College Council President Michael Herbert ’16 for an unprecedented second term. While seemingly every admin seems to be leaving Yale behind, one can only appreciate the people’s leader for wanting to stick around. It just sounds too good to be true.  

No, seriously. Of course, nothing’s quite official unless it’s emblazoned with the YCC letterhead. Soon after the Herbert flyer circulated, Vice President Maia Eliscovich Sigal ’16 sent out a more formal notice inviting students to “Run for YCC!” Trust us. We’re excited about election season, too.

Brotherly love. They might not take themselves as seriously as their YCC counterparts, but candidates for the United States presidency still have to do some heavy lifting on the campaign trail. Fortunately for Republican hopeful Jeb Bush, blood runs thick — yesterday, it was revealed that Yalie George W. Bush ’68 will headline a major fundraiser in Dallas, Tex., to help boost his younger brother’s prospects.     

All H-Y-P. Whether or not you want to be president, though, apparently the “Ivy League is not the only ticket to success.” So said one Fortune Magazine writer yesterday in a piece that tracked other paths to power to prove the point. That said, it did correctly acknowledge that people tend to associate the White House with Yale.

Stick to the script. In all seriousness, those unable to attend an Ancient Eight institution should never count themselves out. It’d help if Ivy League schools would do away with plans to send out personal, “alternative methods of rejection,” as suggested in a satirical Huffington Post article on Monday.   

B-Who? ESPN anchor and avid college hockey advocate John Buccigross — who has shown his fair share of respect for the Eli program — helped preview the NCAA men’s hockey tournament yesterday with “Ten things to watch.”   

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1950 Seeking more activity space within their residential college, 20 Trumbull College students volunteer to help build a recreation room in the basement of the facility, painting and installing lights.

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