Nearly a month after a sign was posted on the door of Ivy Noodle indicating a temporary closure, the restaurant has not officially announced when it will reopen its Elm Street location.

On Feb. 5, a notice on the restaurant’s front door stated that the Elm Street restaurant — which offers Chinese food at low price points — was temporary closed due to personal reasons. More recently, a new sign appeared on the door, directing customers to the restaurant’s Winchester Avenue location, called Ivy Bistro. One employee at that store, who did not provide their name, told the News on Friday that Ivy Noodle will reopen in March. However, no other parties have confirmed that the establishment will reopen this month.

Employees at surrounding businesses remain unaware of the reasons why Ivy Noodle is still not open.

“I haven’t heard anything about why they’re closed,” Box 63 manager Ed Raffile said. “I’ve asked a bunch of people and no one seems to know.”

Likewise, workers at four other Asian restaurants in downtown New Haven said that they have heard nothing from Ivy Noodle owner Coreen Guo, and are unsure about the restaurant’s future. Guo could not be reached for comment on Friday.

The property where Ivy Noodle sits, 316 Elm St., is owned by University Properties, but University officials interviewed did not disclose when Ivy Noodle will reopen.

“If Ivy Noodle leaves they will be replaced with a similar operation with similar food and similar price points,” Vice President for New Haven and State Affairs Bruce Alexander ’65 said in an email last week.

Associate Vice President for New Haven Affairs and Director of University Properties Lauren Zucker said in an email to the News on Friday that Guo will reopen Ivy Noodle once she has resolved whatever personal issue she may have had.

Yale students who frequent Ivy Noodle expressed an interest in seeing Ivy Noodle reopen.

“I do hope that it does return because I used to be a regular; they have not been transparent about the closing at all,” said Fred Kim ’18.

Other students also said that they would like to see Ivy Noodle reopen, saying that it was a great late-night option.

Grace Brody ’16 said given that A-1 Pizza on Broadway closed down over the summer, there would be a shortage of late-night options for students if Ivy Noodle remains closed.

Ivy Noodle opened in 2000.