Getting real. As we hurtle toward Spring Break, one can’t help but feel the end of the school year coming around the corner. 2016, then, is fast approaching its senior year, as evidenced by the round of Senior College Council voting that ends today at 5 p.m. Break out the bucket lists.    

A (new) Yale Tradition. But while 2016 still takes cues from the Junior College Council, the class might as well try new things. Tonight, JCC is hosting “A Night at Mory’s,” complete with an open bar at the landmark tavern. How classy can the event really be, though, if it comes with a note about the Connecticut drinking age in its invitation?   

Already? And while the upperclassmen are out having fun (only two nights left in Feb Club, mind you), the freshmen and sophomores will take over the Calhoun dining hall today to “speed network” their way around the Yale business and law scenes — on the other side of each table will be an upperclassman with experience at everyone’s favorite finance and legal firms. Never too early, apparently.

To balance it out. “Speed networking,” however, is just the snobby proverbial older brother of the more fun, more flirty thing known as “speed dating.” Fortunately, some will have the chance to do the latter as well, with the 2017 Class Council’s “P.S. I Crush You” event and Calhoun Screw also taking place this weekend.

Bollywoolsey. Tonight, the South Asian Society at Yale puts on Roshni, the University’s largest cultural show of the year. Bhangra and other “sizzling performances” are on the agenda — not to mention the afterparty at Oaxaca later in the night.

The llama drama continues. Before a mysteriously multicolored dress captured the attention of the Internet, news of two escaped llamas running around Arizona dominated many a Twitter timeline on Thursday. Coincidentally, Yale’s theater scene gathers for its largest party of the year, Dramallamapalooza, tonight.

(Q)Packed night. With all the culture filling the calendar tonight, a little college hockey might be a breath of fresh air. And we’re not even talking about the ever-important men’s hockey showdown against Cornell at 7 p.m. After the final horn of the varsity game, the men’s club team takes the Ingalls ice against Quinnipiac. The stakes might be a little lower, but Yale-QPac is always worth noting.    

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1985 Plumbers from the University’s Physical Plant report that asbestos can be found “all over Yale,” most notably in steam pipes and  dining hall ceilings.

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