Academic. Two of Yale’s brightest Hollywood stars took to the Red Carpet last night with Oscar nominations in hand. Though neither Meryl Streep DRA ’75 nor Edward Norton ’91 managed to bag Best Supporting Actress/Actor awards — for “Into the Woods” and “Birdman,” respectively — “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” which also features Norton, cleaned up.

Second is the best. Over the weekend, Grantland continued its “Who is the top Second Banana?” series, which will eventually crown history’s greatest sidekick. Yale was profiled (lovingly, by one of our own) as “the 1-A, the second-in-command” to Harvard’s pretentious #1. In the seeded tournament, Yale now faces Guns N’ Roses’ Slash after it proved itself a better second banana than VH1.

More fun than Harvard. In light of Dartmouth’s recent decision to ban all hard liquor from campus, The Daily Pennsylvanian recently took it upon itself to detail the alcohol policies at each of the Ivy League schools. Survey says: Yale is quite kind, as long as you are 21 years old in the state of Connecticut.

If you build it… Yale Engineers Week kicks off today with Opening Ceremonies at 4 p.m. in the CEID. Over the next few days, the University is hosting several events, including a Google info session and a discussion on Relationships and Sexuality in Engineering.

Help the hackers. In an attempt to help better cater to the technologically curious population on campus, HackYale released a survey on Sunday to solicit interest in a variety of potential course options. We definitely would take a class in Functional Programming for Journalism (hint-hint).

Quorum quota. Numerous boards and commissions in the city of New Haven — such as Homeless Advisory, Aging and Ethics — continue to have vacancies, which have prevented some from achieving a quorum, necessary to conduct business.

NASConn. Even though NASCAR is more of a southern thing, a New Englander came out on top of yesterday’s Daytona 500. Middletown, Conn., native Joey Logano took home the checkered flag to legitimize himself as a rising star in the (kind-of) sport.

Mollytown, Conn. Middletown, however, is perhaps best known for being home to Wesleyan University, where 11 students were hospitalized for overdosing on MDMA Sunday.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1977 Pre-med students at Yale express anxiety over the recently-announced changes to the MCAT.

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