4-0. Don’t ever forget, QPac. Tonight, the men’s hockey team squares off against Quinnipiac with a lot on the line, even if it’s not a national championship. Our friends in Hamden seem pretty excited: Student tickets sold out within five minutes of their Tuesday night release. Then again, there really isn’t much to do in their town, or else they wouldn’t be invading New Haven every Saturday night.

Vic-tory party at Toad’s. A win on the ice would mean taking back everyone’s favorite dance floor for ourselves. Tonight would be a good one for that because Vic Mensa, a friend of Chance the Rapper’s (remember him?), takes the Toad’s stage at 9 p.m. Here’s to celebrating an Eli win with some “Orange Soda.”

The Golden Rule. The class of 2018, however, is probably too preoccupied with plans for Saturday’s Freshman Screw to notice everything else that’s going on this weekend. To those of you still setting up your suitemates, remember: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.   

Intergalactic Council. Upperclassmen looking to get their semi-formal fix can do so at Night at the Planetarium tonight. Good for the YCC for trying new, far-out things.       

“Yale has helped shape me.” So says the Tyler Varga ’15, who showed plenty of love for Yale by telling his own story to Bleacher Report yesterday. Varga’s inner Eli came out in the piece’s intro, where he pointed out that “there aren’t enough hours in the day,” something that athletes and normies alike here can wholeheartedly agree on.   

Take me to church. Lent is upon us, and Huffington Post took the occasion to remind us of the impressive collection of religious artifacts scattered across Yale’s campus. “15 Religion Treasures  at Yale” ventured through the Beinecke, the YUAG and more to find gems like the Gutenberg Bible and William Blake’s “Virgin and Child.”

‘Show ‘em a clean one.’ Yesterday, the Washington Post published a letter that George H.W. Bush ’48 wrote to his sons in 1998. In it, the elder Bush expressed both his desire to see his sons carve new paths and his deep love for them. And though both George W. ’68 and Jeb also ended up gunning for the Oval Office, we’d imagine that they still love their pops back. Aw. 

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1978 Two Silliman seniors, Susan Howe ’78 and Elva Mapp ’78, finally emerge from a squash court in Payne Whitney after 12 hours of being stuck inside with no heat or light. Due to the conditions, Mapp even attempted, to no avail, to build a fire by rubbing squash racquets together.

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