The children are our future. A recent piece by Business Insider went through the trouble of ranking the nation’s boarding high schools — which collectively represent themselves as the minor leagues for the Ivy League — by intelligence. Taking the top spot was St. Albans in Washington, D.C. Andover and Exeter still landed in the top 10, but we’re not sure if that’s good enough for them.    

Stepping stones everywhere. Meanwhile, the Ivy League represents itself as the minor leagues for Wall Street. For proof, look no further than today’s Yale Undergraduate Diversified Investments Morgan Stanley event, featuring Senior Managing Director Ray Spitzley SOM ’85. Apparently it’s not too late to sweet-talk yourself into a job.

Full circle. And now, to bring Business Insider and Wall Street together, the publication posted a list of “The 25 people you should avoid on Wall Street” yesterday. Naming “the guys who mime golf swings in the office” and “the serial connector on LinkedIn,” the article called out most directly “the guy who still talks about his college athletic career,” namely former hockey captain Keith McCullough ’99.    

Fight! Some Ivy Leaguers end up doing things besides finance, however, like politics. But likely 2016 GOP candidate Scott Walker doesn’t seem to care too much for his opponents, having called out fellow presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton LAW ’73 for not being a “fighter… just an Ivy Leaguer.” Walker also shared similar sentiments about Howard Dean ’71, so let’s see if he can walk the walk.   

The other PDA. Donna Dubinsky ’77, Yale Corporation fellow and former Palm, Inc., CEO (remember when Palm Pilots were a thing?), is the guest of honor at today’s Morse master’s tea. The tech pioneer will be discussing how to shape both your own future and that of the University.

A pricey $5. Yesterday, New Haven Police Department Spokesman David Hartman reported a strange episode of Elm City mischief in which one man suffered minor injuries after being stabbed by another over a $5 debt from a game of pool they were playing.

The munchies mystery. A story in Wednesday’s Washington Post health section detailed a Yale study that explored the biology behind the “inexplicable urge to eat that has led generations of marijuana users to consume untold numbers of nachos, Twinkies” … and Wenzels.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1964 Yale College faculty vote to discontinue required attendance immediately before and after vacation periods, increasing student autonomy.

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